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    Hey there, first post here. I’ll try to keep it succinct.

    I was hoping to find some experience, strength and hope here — as well as actionable advice — on how to: a.) properly treat and eliminate candida from the nasal/sinus/maxillofacial cavities; and b.) maximize blood glucose to the brain while adhering to a proper candida diet

    My background: I’ve fought this thing for a good five years now, through varying degrees of debilitating misery, and also slowly sliding into a full-on alcohol and drug addiction along the way. Now 11 months sober, I’ve been seeing a naturopath, slowly eliminating problem foods from my diet, and have been taking all supplements she suggests, including (but not limited to) monolaurin, curcumin, rhodiola, et al. As a practitioner, she has helped me attend to issues of digestion, gut flora, etc. Now I have to put my faith in her plan and climb the mountain she’s identified. And even though she is good at what she does, I still would like to seek the opinions of others who have shared my experience.

    There is no doubt that yeast is my main problem; it has cloaked itself in my system, manifesting in myriad ways, and my key grievances align with nearly every single ‘classic’ symptom down the candida list. The most exacerbating part of this infestation has been the constant fungal sinusitis. After undergoing endoscopic sinus surgery in 2011, I continued to experience no forms of relief and I sloooowly went crazy. At times, my orbital/sinus pain would be so overwhelming, it would throb in my face, invade my eyes and control all my senses, until I went to the emergency room in howling pain. Drinking lots of whiskey and doing drugs provided me my only relief in those occasions. And I’ve already alluded to just how well hat worked out.

    Basically, I’m 100% committed to to kicking candida squarely in its little fucking teeth. Short of quitting my job and taking hiatus to ‘detox’, I’ll do whatever it takes, and will do my best to follow all reasonable suggestions. (And if a proper ‘detox’ is what it takes down the road, so be it. One day at a time.)

    At this point, I’ve whittled myself down to 1-2 cups of coffee per day, no added sugars, mostly all clean/organic chicken, fish, fruits, nuts and vegetables. I’ve even reduced cigarette intake to <4 per day. I am aware of all these things and are working to remove all of them slowly. (One day at a time.) My gut feels pretty good, and through yoga, chiropractic, massage and light exercise, my shoulders and musculoskeletal system feel mostly aligned. My body, as a whole, feels much better than it has in years.

    But my face is still a problem area. And it’s the linchpin in this whole axle of yeast evil.

    The situation: I still experience a thick coating of sticky mucus along my nasal passages and sinuses. I’ve been clearing an infection for about three-four days, expelling a LOT of green/yellow mucus every day, up until the afternoon. This constant sinus congestion causes me a major discomfort, still wreaks havoc on my ability to watch movements and make eye contact, and causes me to lose concentration.

    Because of the thinner, mucus-laden nasal passages, this is also a contributing factor in the lack of oxygen reaching my brain. Coupled with the carb deficit induced by attending to the diet, I really need to find ways to properly compensate for this lack of glucose as much as possible.

    I’m still taking the antifungals suggested, and I’ve been applying homemade garlic juice nasal drops up to three-four times a day. But it’s still very slow-going.

    Any thoughts on these two issues? I hope it all makes sense. Much appreciated.


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    A good ND likely could reverse your sinus problems quickly, but its likely related to allergies and your immune system.

    If you want to start the diet with low sugar fruits, that won’t be a big deal.

    Here is a good post to check out when starting out:

    I would consider trying SF722 which prevents candida from attaching to your mucousal membranes.


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