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    I have gluten intolerance and carrier of the disease genetically.
    I am taking lot of suplements.
    Intestinal Candida caused me EXTREME floaters,Hashimoto, hiatal hernia/gerd ,lactose intolerance,chondromalacia ,External hypertension syndrome of the patella(and a little of genu valgum in both knees), obssessions,extreme brain fog or Alzheimer(i dont know for sure),ulcers,gastritis,dyspepsia
    Is all this curable?All health diseases caused by candida can be cured?

    i have these syntomps:extremely extreme glare/halos(extremely disabling)
    and vision of lights and objects very bright(especially fluorescent).
    All these syntomps worsen at night.But i dont know if candida causes these syntomps too.I have little cataracts in both eyes too and i had lasik surgery in both eyes in 2005(lasik surgery can cause these syntomps too)

    thank you

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