Candida for nearly half a year now. Nothing helps :/

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    I’ve undergone several medical treatments and am currently on a strict no-suggar diet for 3 weeks.
    It started early June really heavy. My entire throat was sore, red and it hurt all the time, especially swallowing. It took 6 doctors and a month to finally get the diagnosis.

    Ever since then I have used Nystatin suspension (4 months). Today, it’s the 24th day using Fluconazol, combined with a strict suggar and carbonhydrate diet. The doctor didn’t tell me about that, I had to do my own research. Now, I eat only vegetables, meat and milk products.

    My throat still throbs slightly and is still as colorful and blistered as it was in June. Tomorrow I’ll see the doctor again.
    Any advice on what I can do differently? Or how much longer I need to be patient? Or is the diagnosis wrong? (Had 4 swabs of my throat, all were positive on candida :/ )

    I’ve also tried a week of pomegrenate and take pomegrenate extract regularly.


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    There is obviously something in your diet your body doesn’t like and candida loves. It could be anything! Maybe Maltodextrin in something you eat? Its in a lot of processed foods and vitamins (I recently found it in my vitamin C) and candida love it.

    Milk products? As in cows milk? As they are a no no’s apart from butter.

    Have you tried drinking cider apple vinegar natural with the mother? It really helped me.

    Personally I wouldn’t take any anti fungals but that’s just me, others swear by them.

    I’m not freaked out by yeast any more, Im more freaked out that im that unhealthy! I know in time and it will take time for sure that i will become healthy and the candida will naturally disappear. So many focus on the candida/yeast rather than the root problem and docs certainly don’t help with that!

    Best wishes


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    A quote from another thread

    Quote from Dr. Hal Huggins
    “Strangely enough, Candida is there to save your life. It changes methyl mercury to a less toxic (but still toxic) form. Bacteria change it back to methyl mercury, and the system goes back and forth. If Candida were eliminated while you have amalgam in your mouth, your health will not be as good as if it were there protecting you. Complex, but yes, there is a relationship.”

    I’m sure candida isn’t just present due to mercury but either way it is present for a reason. It seems like many people on antifungals etc is the same as taking a cast off a broken leg. The cast which shouldn’t normally be there becomes the focus and must be removed. So many of us, including doctors do not understand candida and going the incredible amounts of people saying how they are still suffering years into a candida diet/antifungals, makes me wonder why! I cannot rest until I find the answers to things that just don’t add up.. i’m a little obsessed with researching!


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    I was about to ask the same thing. Try looking for the root cause. Candida is often just a “symptom” of a weakened immune system. Figure out why your immune system is malfunctioning and you may see a lot more progress IMO.

    Donate here to help me get Mercury-free and solve my systematic candiasis permanently! (Even $1 can greatly help my cause!)


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    Contrary to what some forums want us to believe, mercury is not a problem for the vast majority of people.

    Of course I’m not talking about people in some third-world countries, or those who have been working in the mining industry in the 1950’s. These poor souls actually may suffer from mercury toxicity.

    Ordinary people hardly ever suffer from mercury. Mercury levels are simply far too low to be a problem. The occasional fish-lover who eats lots of fish from polluted oceans might have a tiny chance of having accumulated too much mercury. But even dentists who work with amalgams during an entire career hardly have any problems at all.

    Specifically, amalgam fillings have no measurable effect on the amount of mercury in the body. This has been proven by biopsies of all major organs, including the brains, of deceased people (who, of course, gave permission for this before they died). These are the most accurate measurements of mercury levels that are possible – yet even these measurements showed no effect of the number of amalgam fillings or the number of years these fillings have been present, and mercury levels in the body’s organs.

    This is the very reason why dentists don’t normally engage in removing amalgam fillings. Every needless action on a tooth necessarily causes some additional damage to the tooth. Therefore, removing an otherwise fully functioning amalgam filling is against a dentist’s moral conviction. It’s a practice that’s only being performed by those who value their own wallet higher than their patient’s health.

    Now removing an amalgam filling before it has reached the end of its lifespan is one thing – that will “only” cause some additional damage to the affected tooth and it will empty your wallet by a discernible amount – but the victims of the mercury scare all too often proceed with highly controversial practices like chelation. Now that’s something that has a real potential to damage your health long-term!

    Please look for the real cause of any complaints you may have. Mercury is a theoretical possibility at best, but it’s a highly improbable one.



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