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    I’m a fit, otherwise healthy guy who started to follow this diet plan about a week ago b/c of candida problem. I noticed a strange thing regarding my fitness level soon after starting this diet: running has become hard all of a sudden and i appear to run out of steam quickly. This is very unusual for me because i’m quite fit. I also have a feeling that my body, in the process of exercising, starts to release lactic acid in large quantities ( this usually happens when pushing the body to its limit, which is not the case here). Any ideas what could be going on? I eat enough, ie. lots of protein, vegetables and nuts, as well as drink a lot of water throughout the day. Plus i take supplements, antifungals, the whole nine yards. Cannot seem to find info about this online, hence looking forward to comments.


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    I’ve been experiencing the same thing, my best guess is that your immune system is fighting off the candida and may not be able to focus on muscle regeneration?
    Totally just a guess but I am also a fit gal and I’ve had to skip the gym for a few weeks cause my body can’t handle it and its killiiinnnngggg me! 🙁
    So if nothing else, I feel your pain.


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    I’ve recommended over the years to not do any intense workouts while trying to get over candida. You need to build your immune system and not muscle mass. In a few months you’ll have a lot more energy.


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