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    I am new to this forum so it’s my first query I was diagnosed with hashimoto’s about 5 months ago my symptoms were fatigue, weight gain, joints pain, sleeping issues and many more uncountable so I started gluten and dairy free diet along thyroxine 25mcg and metroprolol 25 mcg
    and all my symptoms subsided dramatically and my antibodies and t3, t4 and TSH got in normal range but about 2 months ago my functional medicine practitioner diagnosed me with candida overgrowth and put me on strict anti candida diet along with supplements but whenever I tried to add antifungal or probiotics in my regime whether it is natural or supplement my thyroid got swollen badly as I am unable to breathe and sleep, losing too much weight probably 10 kgs in 1 month and still losing and there are many more symptoms tingling, numbness, joint pain, pms, sore kidneys, burping, abdominal pain so i searched on internet and came on to a conclusion that these symptoms may be due to toxins released by candida and it can be ease by molybdenum so I asked my doctor to add molybdenum but she is not interested in adding molybdenum all she wanted to sell her IVs which I can’t afford because I lose my job and I don’t have insurance. The supplements she prescribed me magnesium 500mg 2 times, b complex, selenium 55mcg, zinc 25mg, biotin, chromium picolinate 200 mcg, alpha lipoic acid 100mg, vitamin d3 5000iu, colostrum 1000mg, now foods candida support twice, now foods 10,25 probiotics twice, now foods super enzymes twice, silicon drops, kelp 450 mcg, dhea 5 mg in which I am only taking magnesium, vitamin d3, b complex, mineral supplement alternate days and enzymes some time because my digestive is in very badly shape so does anyone experienced the same or it’s my hashimoto’s who is causing me problem also can I take molybdenum along with these supplements to start antifungals and probiotics I m hopeless at this point my nutritionalist wants to give up on this diet because she thinks that low carb diet is destroying my thyroid and my body is depriving it’s nutrients, can somebody help me with this, still I m not taking any antifungal and probiotics just following diet sorry for my poor English and long post.
    Hope anyone helped me

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