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    My baby is 6 months old and we’ve struggled with yeast from week 1! I had my first ever yeast infection when I was pregnant with him and he’s been through 3 rounds of Nystatin since he’s been born. It keeps coming back, and I don’t want him to have any more drugs! I’ve been treating him with antifungal creams and probiotics which is keeping it from getting really bad, but it’s not going away so I’m guessing he has it in his gut. About 2 months ago he broke out in an eczema rash and he’s constantly getting rashes that come and go. The eczema isn’t going away.

    Now I suppose I have candida overgrowth as well. I love sugar and breads and I want to eat constantly. Plus I’m sure I could check off half or more of the symptoms on the list as well. I’ve not had any other yeast infections since the one I had when I was pregnant.

    My question is… can I go on this candida diet while I’m nursing. I know Stage 1 is all about cleasing and detox, and I thought you weren’t supposed to do those things while pregnant or nursing. I don’t want to stop nursing my little guy. I know that’s sooo good for him. I’m wondering if I should go through all of this anyway since we both need it or if that’s a bad idea.

    Any thoughts or experience with this??


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    Hi MamaV. I’m a Newbie on this forum as well, but I can pass along what I’ve been told by experts and others on the forum. I am breastfeeding, as well. I was advised to skip the colon cleanse in Stage 1 and go right to the strict diet in Stage 2. I am finding that the more I explore the healthy options within the diet, the more satisfied I am. For example, kefir has made my cravings for milk go away, in addition to providing some fabulous probiotics! I am finding this Candida Diet to be very doable. Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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