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    I´m on a candida diet. How many days a meat or fish can be kept in a refrigerator without spoiling? 2 or 3 days? Is that healthy? Thanks so much


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    Once meat and fish is cooked it last quite a while in fridge. However, since on diet I am very careful about eating fresh and healthy food. I usually buy my meat or fish the day that I’m going to eat it. If I’m buying Salmon I ask them to cut it into smaller portions. I will stick them in the freezer to pull out and eat. If you are unsure..get rid of it. You don’t want to feed this monster. I don’t have good advice because I grew up on a farm and it seems the meat would last forever…if put in salt, smoked etc. Be safe not sorry. I even cook chicken and slice it into smaller servings and freeze to eat on salads later. I don’t let it sit around too long…mostly out of fear.


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    My opinion is the fresher the food the better… fresh food means less toxins for your liver to deal with. if its not eaten by the 2nd day throw it out! Food safe allows 3 days but i dont think its a good guideline for us.

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