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    I have been fighting off some form of mild, but persistent yeast infection for about 5 months. Tried everything to get rid of it. Recently, I have looked into the candida diet and realized that the diet is really just a more restrictive low-carb diet. I have had past experience doing a “healthy” form of low-carb/Atkin’s diets, so what came as a surprise were a few things on the “bad” list that make it unnecessarily restrictive: cheese, alcohol and mushrooms.

    The logic behind these being prohibited is completely wrong. All of these should be okay to eat… in moderation. Here is why:

    Candida albicans
    : consumes monosaccharides (sugars). Produces acetaldehyde and alcohol as a byproduct of metabolism.

    Cheese – on a low-carb diet, cheese is accepted as a low-carb, moderate protein, high calorie alternative. There are few carbohydrates in cheese for candida to metabolize. The layman’s logic that mold grows on it, so it must support candida is faulty. Mold consumes starch, cellulose, lignin (sugars), just like candida. Mold/candida, both consume the sugar in the cheese – not everything else (protein/fat). The good doctor here agrees about eating cheese.

    It is extremely difficult to survive on a low-carb diet without cheese as one of the ingredients, unless you are replacing it with massive quantities of unhealthy butter, bacon or other fatty foods. It is also difficult to get enough calcium in your diet without it. Put cheese back on the menu!

    Alcohol – Alcohol is generally considered bad on a low-carb diet and bad on candida. Atkin’s restricts you to 20g carb/day. However, this is mainly, because alcoholic drinks often contain a ton of carbohydrates:
    -1 Mixed drink – Boatload of carbs
    -1 Ale averages about 15 carbs
    -1 Beer averages about 10 carbs
    -1 Glass of wine averages about 4 carbs
    -1 Shot of hard liquor has none
    See where I am going? Drinking hard liquor (shots) should be perfectly fine on the candida diet. Even better, since the objective is to avoid a yeast infection and not to lose weight (1g of alcohol has ~7 empty calories). A single class of wine or one low-carb beer (Mich. Ultra, Miller Lite or regular Bud Select) per day is also doable. Good mixed drinks are diet vodka tonics and diet Redbull vodkas.

    Also, the idea that beer has yeast, candida=yeast so alcohol must be bad is total garbage. As mentioned earlier, one of the byproducts of candida’s metabolism is alcohol. This means that it lacks the enzymes necessary to convert alcohol/ethanol further. You and I possess these things called “livers” that contain the enzymes necessary to metabolize alcohol. Candida and brewer’s yeast don’t. Just know the carb content of beer you are drinking.

    Mushrooms – Mushrooms have about zero calories and zero carbs. There is nothing for candida yeast to eat! On top of that, I have read that different fungi have natural anti-fungals to each other. I don’t know if this is true, but I have not seen any mushroom cannibalism.

    Of course, some people are going to come along with their sample size of 1 and anecdotally claim that they started eating cheese/doing shots/gobbling shrooms and their candida came back like crazy. Sorry guys, but the science does not support it.

    Quit torturing yourselves and start allowing cheese, alcohol and mushrooms into your diet!


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    I really wish that what your saying is true.

    When I first started to follow the Candida diet I thought that I could get away with drinking some vodka on the weekends since it was low carb, distilled, had no yeast, malt, etc. I felt awesome when I first started drinking, like I could have a piece of a normal life back. A few hours after drinking I’d feel like I poisoned myself. My stomach would feel bloated, my blood sugar fluctuated, my circulation and sleep would be altered. The next day my cravings for food would be out of control. More than anything I think that alcohol just added more toxins to my body and knocked down my immune system.

    Our bodies are already strained due to the Candida, alcohol is just one more toxic thing that it has to filter and process.

    YeastMan wrote:

    Of course, some people are going to come along with their sample size of 1 and anecdotally claim that they started eating cheese/doing shots/gobbling shrooms and their candida came back like crazy. Sorry guys, but the science does not support it.

    Quit torturing yourselves and start allowing cheese, alcohol and mushrooms into your diet!

    I work at an Allergy office and administer a lot of the allergy testing. Almost all of the people that have Candida have some sensitivity to molds, yeast, fungus, and any fermented food.

    -I wish that I had more time to type a better response. Hopefully you will be able to add those 3 foods into your diet without any problems. Good luck with everything.


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    What kind of benefit can you get drinking alcohol during an anti-candida protocol ??
    Do you want to add more load to your liver ??
    Does the alcohol is providing you with some specific nutrient that you lack ??
    Are you considering that cheeses have lactose and casein ??

    Lactose feed the fungus. Casein is a high allergen that contributes to intestinal inflammation.

    What the other poster said is correct, people who suffer CRC are allergic to molds, fungus, yeasts, etc.

    This syndrome isn’t only an overgrowth but a hypersensitivity syndrome too.

    By the way, if I were followed Lawrence Wilson’s treatment, I were probably already death.


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    The logic behind these being prohibited is completely wrong.

    Your science is right on, but you have no idea as to what the logic actually is.

    Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.


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    @MyButterflyEffect Thanks for your response. Alcohol does mess with your blood sugar levels and sleep cycle, as you probably know. Alot of it may be just psychological, though. Not encouraging people to drink more alcohol, but just trying to give people the option. It makes the diet more tolerable if people realize they can have a drink and socialize with friends, once in awhile.

    If mushrooms are triggering an allergic response, then I can see the logic in keeping them off the menu. My understanding was that the immune system was failing to recognize candida as a threat, though.

    @dvjorge – there is little lactose/carbs in cheese remaining – that’s the whole point. Bacteria converts the lactose in milk into lactic acid – that’s what makes it cheese! As for casein, you would know if you are allergic to casein already and there are many allergens out there. No sense in avoiding healthy proteins.

    As said before, alcohol is not necessary, but makes life easier and the diet more likely to be followed.

    I appreciate that some of you may be suffering from far worse symptoms than I am and good luck to all.


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    I’m not against a sociable drink, but alcohol is a toxin. It produces aldehydes and free radicals which damage arteries and the liver, dehydrates our cells, and affects the digestive tract in such a way that undigested proteins are more likely to pass into the body through a leaky gut. Even one of these things is a good enough reason to avoid it for the entirety of the diet, and I’m sure there are plenty of other downsides you could add to that list. If you’re mixing caffeine (Red Bull) with alcohol, you might as well just eat some chocolate gateau for all the good it’ll do your guts and your progress. Healing from candida and digestive issues is a lot more complicated than carb-counting.

    As for cheese, maybe unaged (white) cheeses with the lowest sugar content could be tested a bit later on, since they would be a good source of macronutrients and shouldn’t contain any moulds. I’d rather avoid dairy as much as possible though, and I wouldn’t call the poorly metabolised fats contained in cheese “healthy”. Dairy certainly isn’t necessary for health, even if we’re brainwashed into believing our bones will snap without a sugar-packed glass of skimmed-milk that doesn’t have the fat content to allow us to digest the fat-soluble vitamins anyway! The majority of the world’s population gets by just fine without it.

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