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    hi folks,

    I’ve been fighting a vaginal yeast infection for a few months now. I have been through a lot of stresses and major life changes recently but I did overhaul my diet this fall. I am cooking all my food from scratch a la Nourishing Traditions and it feels great. My caloric staples are currently soaked/sprouted grains (mostly lentils, rice, and cornbread), homemade yogurt, and pastured eggs.

    But since I am having a hard time kicking the yeast, I want to try cutting out grains and legumes. I have a few problems with this. For one thing, I FINALLY have a diet that is healthy, feels great, fits my budget… and I’ve figured out a cooking routine that lets me do it all from scratch. I finally have a measure of stability in my life, a nice dietary routine, and I am SOOO reluctant to give that all up and start my diet over again (even if temporarily.)

    My two biggest concerns:

    1. I lost at least 35lbs last July due to stress. I’m down to 110, which is borderline skin and bones for me. I am maintaining my weight easily on my current diet, but with no grains this will be difficult. I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT afford to lose any more weight.

    2. I am on a limited budget. I know poultry would be a good source of calories, but I only eat pastured meat due to ethical and nutritional concerns. I cannot afford this kind of meat as a staple. Even buying vegetables in the vast quantities I will need could get expensive. My grocery budget is $50 a week, I might be able to stretch it a little but not much.

    I am looking into eating more fish… that might be doable… I do like to make fish cakes with canned wild salmon and tuna, but how much is too much? Should I be worried about mercury or something?

    How can I possibly get enough calories to maintain my weight & energy levels with these restrictions? I’m really stressing about this. Can anyone help me?



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    You might try a few things which will help to prevent further weight loss and maybe even put some weight back on.

    Organic coconut oil is a natural and strong antifungal with a fairly high calorie count. You can start with one teaspoon a day and work your way up to ten or so every day.

    Coconut flour bread is a great addition to the diet; it won’t feed the Candida and it contains enough calories to make a difference. You can eat it for every meal and even for snacks. We have the recipe on the forum.
    Add avocados to your diet, they contain plenty of healthy fat.

    To put it simply, you’ll have to obtain more calories to prevent further weight loss, otherwise, you’ll just continue to lose it.

    As far as fish and mercury are concerned; one of the cheapest types of fish is sardines, these are acceptable on the diet and are less likely to contain mercury since they’re just young fish, the same goes for herring.

    Eggs (organic if possible) should be your first choice of protein on the diet because of the ammonia which is released when meat protein is broken down in the body. This cause more toxins for the liver to deal with as well as ammonia being a benefit to the environment of the Candida.

    Below are a couple of links containing information on a few aspects of the protocol that most of the members are following. As you read these posts, you’re welcome to ask any questions that may pop up.

    The Forum’s Program:

    Simple Cleanse or Detox:

    Diet (Food List):



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    The teff flour is pretty good at gaining and maintaining weight as well; so if you make the coconut/buckwheat/teff bread…this will cause less weight loss. Greek yogurt is another item that helps with weight gain.



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    Avocado? A bit more expensive but such a good addition to the diet. Most days I have a small avocado with a tin of either sardines or herrings and some grrens for lunch… just a squeeze of lemon juice & some salt & paper and it’s a delicious lunch that doesn’t take too long to make either.

    I do find things very pricey me the main stream health food shops & markets… if you have any foreign supermarkets it’s worth having a look as things can be a lot cheaper.

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