Candida diet (low carb/high fat) results in massive hairloss

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    I’ve started following the candida diet (zero carb/high fat diet) about a month ago, and now I am losing a massive amount of hair daily. It’s ironic, because I started the candida diet thinking it could help my hair thinning problem, but obviously I am experiencing the opposite effect. However, my skin is clearer and I have much more energy throught the day…Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? Should I be taking additionnal supplements other than probiotics and multi-vitamins? Please help, I am freaking out at the sight of my hair falling out this quickly. (P.s. I am a 24-year-old female)

    Thank you


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    Zero carb is a mistake. It’s about eating the right carbs and working on the psychological aspects.


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    I have massive hair loss as well from no carbs.

    What carbs should be added to my diet?


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    Hi. I can understand your pain. My hair never used to fall off like the way they started after i switched to this diet. I started in mid of December last and within 20days, they started to come in my hands. It has continued since then but subsided in the past 2 weeks although hasn’t stopped.
    My health coach advised not to worry but believe me i have not so thick hair now.I got my hormones and vitamins tested and everything was good. My hemoglobin improved drastically after eating greens on this diet, something that had not happened in years.
    I got my ferritin tested and it was very low, one of the reason for hair fall. After getting iv- iron I am much better now.
    My fungus hasn’t cured but i no longer struggle with stomach aches…energy levels are up and insomnia cured. I hope that hair will regrow as health heals.
    All the best! But do get your ferritin checked.
    Much love

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