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    A great read Raster, thanks for sharing.

    It’s actually quite amazing to re-read your entire thread, shows how far you’ve come!!

    Can I ask about your liver – I think my liver is an issue too and am taking supplements for it, I’m intrested to know what the underneath of your eyes looked/look like….?


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    wow this was an awesome read. Also congrats on getting married soon. I see you made a couple of mistakes early on, as I did with the sorbitol in one of my supplements. This definitely helps me stay positive and not feel discouraged. Im happy for you and I plan to update my candida log as I plan to be a part of this forum for a while and I would like people to see my journey as well. Good job on doing it. I can see you had a bad case of candida and you were smoking. This lets us know that everything doesnt have to be completely perfect for us to get better. Good luck with everything else.


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    Hello Sammcl,

    I never had the “bad” droopy eyed look, with big old black bags underneath the eyes, but I was close to having that more severely when I first started the diet. Now, I have more lightely colored bags underneath my eyes and this was healed independantly than my liver I believe. I guess we’ll see if it improves even more, but this hasn’t been a concern for me during my treatment because it went away pretty fast.

    I will update my supplement list soon because it is quite ridiculous. I just stocked up on 2 months of vitamins and 4 months of probiotics and spent over $400 (maybe $600) total so what I am doing is not cheap, but it is very effective in my opinion. Remember the stuff I am taking is only meant for me and doesn’t apply to everyone because we all have different bodies/symptoms/etc.



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    1 year update:

    I thought last month was 1 year on the diet, but its really was 11 months at the time. I forgot that I had a fail candida diet for 2-3 months before starting the forum diet last August, so if I include those 2 months of fail, I’ve been on the diet for a year!

    I am proud to announce that I epicly cheated at my bachelor party this last weekend and I drank some alcohol. I drank some vodka tonics and gin and tonics throughout the night. I woke up tired, but not very hungover whatsoever. If you wake up hungover, it means your liver isn’t working very well or you drank too much. My fiance then took me to the mineral springs in bonneville and it completely neutralized my weak hangover and made me feel soo good. I highly recommend sweating out the toxins in a mineral bath if there is one in your area. The pacific northwest is a place of high geologic activity, so we have many springs throughout the region.

    After this week I won’t be on the forum for about a week, and I don’t think I will be on the forum much this week at all because I am preparing for our wedding! So, I will be out of commission and won’t be able to post any information…I am sure there are others that can fill in the gaps and hopefully address your needs. Going to be in Maui for our honeymoon and going to take it easy.

    I’ve reached a really good point in my treatment where I feel the best I’ve felt in years. I am unsure why this is, but I think its because I’ve been healing my liver a bit more than in the past. I believe my liver was completely holding me back and now it can do its job. The parasites are dying as well and my ringworm is almost completely cleared up for the first time in the last 10 years. I am awfully happy to reach this point of having no symptoms and no food allergies whatsoever. I sometimes get a random headache but thats about it.

    I wish everyone luck with their treatment and just wanted to remind everyone that it can take a long time to heal your body and your gut. I started off on the wrong foot but here I am going strong…



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    Thanks for all your help and have a fantastic Wedding and Honeymoon. Congratulations in advance


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    Great reading raster, thank you for the inspiration!


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    Hi Raster

    Congratulations on your wedding ! Have a wonderful honeymoon ! Thanks very much for your support and advices.



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    Howdy folks,

    I thought I’d give an update about my progress. I had a great wedding and honeymoon, everything went nearly perfect for both of these events!

    I went completely off the diet for about 10 days and ate just about every poison imaginable. I ate things such as pizza, french toast, fruit, wedding cake, ice cream, hamburgers, airline food, and the list goes on and on…

    I did have an allergic reaction to the airline food; it was heavily processed and was made poorly…I was starving and didn’t prepare myself with food for a 6 hour flight. I had some sesame chicken with white rice and the cookie of death! For about 30 minutes I felt pretty bad and had that “leaky gut burn” symptom I’ve talked about before over and over.

    I haven’t had cheese for about 1 year, and I didn’t have any reaction to it whatsoever.

    My digestion got pretty poor and my stools came out very colorful; instead of the typical brown/green color I typically get, I noticed yellow, orange, green, and a big change from what is normal for me. I noticed that I did not feel any worse than I normally feel while on the candida diet and in general I would say I am 95-99% healed.

    I am going back to my old diet despite the success; the thing I was looking forward to most on the trip is eating “healthy” again and eating all organic. Luckily for us, we had a natural foods store across the street from our condo in Maui and they had some great products that didn’t contain many “bad” ingredients.

    I think in the end when you digestion improves and you heal leaky gut, you need to find a balance with your diet between good and bad…staying away from processed foods with white sugar and white flour. I plan on cheating a little more than in the past but not everyday or anything close to what I experience on our trip. It was the trip of a lifetime and I am happy I didn’t put any limitations on our diet because it was all about “living it up” for the first time in a year.

    I didn’t take any supplements or vitamins throughout the last 10 days.



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    Welcome back, Raster.
    Very glad to see everything went so well for you.

    Now go post something dammit, and do me a favor, don’t go on a second honeymoon anytime soon.



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    Congratulations Raster!!!! What good news. Very happy for you. I can’t thank you for the gift of hope you and Able give us every day.

    How wonderful for you to have that weight lifted off your back 🙂

    I can’t wait to get where you are…but I have to quit screwing up to get there.


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    WOO HOO!!! Yay Raster!! So glad you got to eat some of your cake!!!
    You have worked very hard!! I’m proud of you!!
    I hope your wife doesn’t mind you helping us all out over here! 🙂

    Glad you’re home safe!!! Sounds like Able was missin you too!! 😉

    Congratulations!! 🙂


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    Many congratulations on all front Raster. Thanks for your support on here.


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    Thank you everyone. I am back and ready to assist in every manner possible. I appreciate the words of encouragement and I am happy with how well I was able to handle going off of the diet.



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    I realized today that eating all of these poisons has really set me back in a major way. I ate a lot of sugar, white flour, breads, and a ton of junk such as pizza!

    I’ve been taking grapefruit seed extract the last few days and it causes immediate gas; this makes me think that I am killing candida and its releasing some toxins. It really hasn’t caused any noticeable problems the first 2 days, but today I felt pretty awful afterwards.

    I also realized that my leaky gut slowly got worse over the last 3 days as well. Last night I reacted to my teff bread slightly and today I reacted to a green apple (which I haven’t reacted to for about 6 months). I’ve been eating a green apple daily and other fruits because I’ve been on the diet for 1 year.

    Throughout my time off the diet, I had little reactions whatsoever to what I ate and I had no noticeable symptoms that the candida inside me was growing and reproducing. My theory is that the last few days I slowly killed some of it off, and this caused greater intestinal permeability, thus the leaky gut symptoms.

    Today I also experienced general malaise (die-off?), farting after a dose of antifungals, mental woes, and a very strange “warm/heat” sweaty sensation after taking the antifungals.

    I thought I was doing better than this…I hope I can heal quickly!

    I also thought I became stronger going off of the diet, but in reality, I think the candida got stronger and its some kind of false/positive type of thing. I mean, I felt great before starting the candida diet again and eating trash…it’s so weird how this works and now I feel bad again eating healthy!



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    Hey raster how much do you think eating like that set you back? Did it put you back at square one or did the candida come back just a little bit?

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