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    I know that ultimately this diet is not about weight gain or loss, but about the recovery of good health and vitality. That said, I just have to ask if anyone else out there has experienced weight gain while on this protocol?

    I’m about 1.5 months in, and my clothes are fitting me more tightly than before, which I really don’t like. I haven’t been worrying about calories and have been eating enough food to feel full. Here’s a look at what I consume in an average day:

    -buckwheat pancakes and for breakfast made with buckwheat flour, one egg, coconut flour, water, and cooked in coconut oil. I spread plain greek yogurt on them.
    -steamed kale/cabbage/rutabaga/broccoli
    -cucumber/celery/zuchinni/sunchoke sticks sometimes plain, or sometimes dipped in guacamole
    -usually 2 soft boiled eggs
    -occassionally I have chicken in my dinner (about once a week). Either a bone broth, chicken coconut curry, or barbqued.
    -Sometimes I have fish and veggies for dinner, or sometimes a veg stirfry
    -sometimes dinner is a kelp noodle asian-style soup

    occassionally, creamed coconut or coconut chips are a snack.
    Lots of herbal teas, water and lemon water w/ msm powder throughout the day in addition to probiotic at night and antifungals in the day.

    I feel like I’m eating the right things, but then I’m just shocked to see that everyone else seems to site weight loss as a problem, when I have the reverse.

    Might it just be taking my body time to adjust to the change in diet’s higher fat content?

    Your thoughts are appreciated!


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    I personally lost weight on the diet but have gained it back; so I weigh about the same as before the diet. I have been rather skinny my whole life and I don’t often gain weight. I might even weigh a little more than before the diet, but not much of a change.



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    I certainly wouldn’t say everyone has experienced weight loss… I dropped two kilos in the first 2-3 days, but gained those back after a week or so. I have on occasion lost a little (~1-2kg) depending upon what I ate that week, but with the exception of those few blips, I have maintained exactly the same weight throughout. I was really worried before starting, so I made a chart and weighed myself at least three times a day, and after two months of doing this, I realized that my weight never fluctuated more than a few kilos from what it was originally (I even gained a small amount of weight at one point). Since then I just weigh myself from time to time out of curiosity, but there’s been very little change. (This was a little disappointing, since I thought loosing 5-8kg would make for a very nice “silver lining”)

    This diet has quite a few items on it that are calorie heavy (I eat more fats and oils than I used to… “good” fats, mind you, but calories are still calories). Plus, I think everyone’s body reacts differently to a change in diet. Mine just happens to maintain a very tight weight range, regardless of diet. For you, it seems that there’s some aspect of this diet compared with your old diet that made you put on a little weight.

    If it really bothers you, however, you might also want to look into what else has changed besides your diet. For instance, are you exercising less, or eating at different intervals? Are you more stressed, or getting less sleep? Etc. etc. Heck, it might even be a supplement or medication you’ve started taking, or it could be that you packed on a few “winter pounds.” If weight change were easy to understand, there wouldn’t be a multi-billion dollar industry surrounding it.


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    Although I am brand new to this website I have recently lost about fifteen pounds on a Paleo style diet. Research suggests that cutting carbohydrates such as grains and starchy vegetables will result in losing excess weight. Healthy fats are generally not a problem. I hope this sounds interesting to you.


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    Thankyou, everyone for your responses.

    Himawari, I think you’re absolutely right to suggest that things beyond diet need to be considered when looking at weight gain. I have been less active than usual since beginning the diet, in part, because I have not felt quite as energetic as normal. This will change very soon, but it’s a concern nontheless.

    I guess that I just feel that there are drastic hormonal changes happening with my body, related to the candida and the change of diet, and I’m interested to hear about the way that this manifests differently for everyone.

    Thankyou for your response and continued support!

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