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    Hi again,

    Sorry, my second topic of the day…

    As I mentioned in the previous topic, I have been on the strict diet for almost 4 weeks now and am unsure whether I’ve experienced die off and wondered how long into the diet you are supposed to experience them?

    I seem to be experiencing good days and bad days at the moment. On bad days (like today) I find it a task to get out of bed. I’m feeling exceptionally tired 🙁 I am also being investigated for chronic fatigue syndrome (aka ME). At the moment, I don’t feel I’m really experiencing any benefits from the diet. I don’t have visible symptoms, just reactions to certain foods which I haven’t had since the diet, and stomach cramps plus gas. The gas has subsided but I think it’s because of the colonics.

    I just don’t really know where I am/what to do at the moment 🙁

    Best wishes and thank you for any advice given…



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    This is strange, as my die off immediately set in from day one. And really severe at that. Lasted for almost 2 weeks. If you havent experienced any die off the simplest explanation that comes to my mind is that you are in fact still eating bad stuff which is keeping it alive. Is this possible?

    Also, CFS is not really a disease, just a range of symptoms, im not sure how that diagnosis would help you.


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    Having read your other post about your diet I would guess that you haven’t had much die off because you’ve still been feeding the candida with the brown rice? Are your taking Molybdenum? If so, this could be minimising your die off. Or you could have a very light infestation so not much yeast is dying? Sorry, that doesn’t really give a definite answer… perhaps when Able logs on he’ll be able to shed some light on it for you?

    In the meantime, have you read the protocol on the forum? i’ll bump it for you.



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    What is your current diet?

    What supplements are you taking?


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