Candida die off or feeding candida? How am I suppose to tell?

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    I guess I am directing this to Able or raster.

    So, I started the candida diet on the 20th of November, and have just finished my fourth week on the diet. After the first two weeks my acne got 90% better, my forehead was completely clear, but I still had some sporadic acne appearing on my cheeks and chin. However, many of my other symptoms were disappearing.

    So, then on the 11th of December I added olives and yucca crackers-everything seemed fine. Then on the 13th I added in kefir. I didn’t have a noticeable allergic reaction (no intestinal pain, discomfort, gas, runny nose-all my allergic reaction hallmarks) and my other symptoms still seemed to be improving over the kefir testing period from the 13th to the 17th. For example, I no longer have joint pain,drastically reduced bread/starch and sugar cravings, I’m increasingly happier, less emotional, less irritable, less anxious and stressed, better able to concentrate, and I’m less sensitive to chemicals and soaps as I once was. But I have noticed that since I started the kefir my acne has gotten worse again. For example, I have two acne cysts on my chin that weren’t there before, and a small amount of acne on my forhead where it use to be clear. My face is also slightly itchier, but my back and chest acne seem to have remained clear. Also, I tried millet this morning, on the 18th, and once again no immediate allergic reactions (and I’ll note that usually when I’m allergic to something I have intestinal gas and pain right away). But at around 9-10 pm tonight when I was watching a movie with my family, I started to get a bit of an itchy throat, with a persistent cough, but no mucus that lasted an hour. I drank some water, and the cough went away, but my throat still feels slightly slightly itchy.

    So, is the acne or cough a result of an allergic reaction, candida die off, or feeding the candida? How do I tell? What should I do now? Stop eating the kefir, yucca crackers and millet? Should I eat millet again tomorrow and wait to see what happens before I judge?

    I’ll also say that I probably haven’t been drinking enough water-so it might be die off as I’m not properly flushing the toxins out, and that perhaps I am eating too many of the yucca crackers??

    Need help with what to do next,



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    k, I also wanted to mention that I did have a severe die off reaction in the first 2 weeks of the diet-so I have already been through die off, and the kefir I eat by liberte is suppose to be a high quality brand (5 billion bacteria per tablespoon with a whole bunch of different strains of bacteria-and I now have about 2 large wine glasses a day-so maybe it is causing die off?)


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    A possible answer for the acne, but by all means not the only answer, is the change in hormones your body experiences throughout the month. You mentioned that you just past your one month mark on the diet.

    I too experienced great improvement in my acne when I started the diet. For someone that has taken medication for acne most of her life…I found this AMAZING. Around one month into my diet, I did notice a break out that last about 2 weeks (took a while to heal) but then nothing for a few more weeks. I’m approaching 3 months on the diet and still notice a slight change in my acne monthly, but it is much milder than before.

    If the acne does not last more than a few weeks, it could be due to your hormones. But I would definately listen to what Able and Raster suggest.

    Best of luck! 🙂



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    I am thinking it is more die-off because you experienced symptoms after adding kefir to your diet. Kefir is a very potent probiotic and can cause additional die-off. I experienced die-off up until week 6 of the diet myself…so it is very possible.

    Additionally I think that the yucca may be problematic potentially. It is slightly starchy and it might be best to save it for phase 2.

    As far as the cysts, these are very normal when someone has candida. I have one myself on my wrist. One thing that can completely eliminate them over time is to use a cloth bandage, put castor oil (or any other antifungal) on the bandage, and place over the cyst and let it sit overnight. Do this for a few weeks straight and it will eliminate the cyst (if its what you have). I personally just do it once a week and it kills it off more slowly.

    One thing to consider is just adding each food item per week. Try to narrow down what is causing it and eliminate it if you don’t want anymore acne.



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    raster wrote: Additionally I think that the yucca may be problematic potentially. It is slightly starchy and it might be best to save it for phase 2.

    Yucca also contains significant antifungal activities which would off-set the small effect that this bit of starch might present.


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    Thanks so much everyone,

    I guess I will assume for now that the yucca crackers and kefir are healthy for me and just causing die-off as antifungals/probiotics, and as for the millet I guess I will try it again today and watch out for anymore suspicious coughing to start up again.



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    You guys havent had “Yuca con Mojo”? is steamed yuca with a load of smashed garlic, salt and olive oil. yum yum!!

    I don’t eat it that often now that i am in the diet, but I am planning have it soon !

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