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    I have been taking coconut oil at night and using Shakeology. I’m experiencing die off resulting in very swollen eye area ( I look like rocky). I have been using essential oil salves, drinking water, taking vitamin c, etc. my family wants me to go to the dr. Who will put me on steroids. I tried Benadryl just to get them off my back, but it hasn’t helped, so I’m sure it’s yeast. Any suggestions? I’ve tried hot and cold compresses no help.


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    Shakeology? Not heard that one before, I know it’s a meal replacement shake but I didn’t know it was good for gut dysbiosis/CRC.

    I have also had an eye problem with my CRC (dry eyes) but not noticed any die-off symptoms around there, just noticed less dryness as I have reduced the inflammatory food items which fuel candida growth.

    How long have you had puffy eyes for? When did the puffy eyes first show up? What other die-off symptoms do you exhibit? How long have you been experiencing die-off?


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    I think I got die off symptoms aswell. I have fatigue, muscle weakness and mild headache, like I get from hangover.

    I took today, 3 spoons of coconut oil, with green tea capsule, and later today garlic. Good thing is that im not so bloated as I could be and gas is coming out 😀


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    Instead of shakeology I would get something like a nutribullet and make your own kale smoothies, etc. I looked at the product and its not organic and it may contain mushrooms which isn’t good for diet starting out.

    If you want diagnosis I would aim for the candida complex test which determines whether or not you are allergic to yeast or not. A good allergist can order the test for you or some very good but rare doctors.

    The saggy eyes are related to kidney health so I would consider taking it easy on antifungals until you can get professional help to get better. It can be very hard to treat yourself without a solid plan and can take many years to get better.


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