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    Does anyone have experiences or feedback on using the Candida Clear by NOW foods? I’m considering getting it. I have already previously taken grapefruit seed extract for 3 months, followed by Nystatin, then I had Fluconazole for a month, then Sporanox for two weeks. Then I had Diflucan prescribed for a month but only made the first ten days (I had an allergic reaction to it and got severe side effects). After that I’ve had Sporanox for about 2 months this year. Finished it a few weeks ago and there’s no improvement.My doctor did raise a question whether that might be due to mercury toxicity. Then again, now that I’ve been reading this site I realise that I’ve been eating some stuff I shouldn’t -the diet guidelines I was given said for example that tomatoes and nuts are good to eat but I kept reacting to them; no one really understood why. Now I read somewhere here that tomatoes are not on the list of foods to eat.

    I’ve decided to start the whole treatment again by myself. I’m planning on doing the cleanse and then a stricter diet. I will need to find an antifungal drug and have been considering Candida Clear by NOW foods. Any recommendations? I already ordered some psylliums husk to help get things moving (one of the side effects of Sporanox was constipation, which is not too helpful obviously), but now I also read in another post that psyllium husk is possibly too harsh for the intestines?( I have a leaky gut).

    Finally, is it possible to heal this by relying on the diet and natural antifungals alone (plus taking the probiotics), or should I ask my doctor to prescribe something more? Btw, I eat coconut oil daily.


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    You would be better off and the treatment would progress better if you take individual antifungals and not a combination of several in one capsule.

    Also, if you will follow the protocol on the forum you won’t have to worry or ask about the safety of products. Every supplement listed on the protocol has been tested by forum members and deemed safe for the average person with a Candida infestation.

    The Protocol

    Index of Posts

    And to answer your last question, yes it is.

    Let us know if you have questions concerning the protocol.


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    Hello Latka,

    Taking antifungals alone won’t cure your candida problem; you need to repopulate the gut with probiotics which is the single most important thing you need to recover from candida overgrowth.

    Natural antifungals work very well to kill candida, so I’d try something else other than candida clear. Candida clear is a multi-antifungal and its much more effective to get all of those antifungals seperately and take them by themselves. Its only plus is that it is cheap. Also, candida can adapt to most natural antifungals after 6-8 weeks of use, so if you were to take this for your treatment, the candida would adapt to a variety of antifungals all at once.

    It sounds like you diet wasn’t strict enough; you basically need to eat only foods that don’t give you a reaction. Yes, tomatoes and nuts are not on the diet.

    I wouldn’t take the psyllium husks because they can cause internal bleeding and bad constipation. We have an alternative cleanse within the forum you can do that is much safer:

    The cleanse is completely optional also if you don’t want to do it.

    We have a strict forum diet that most people on the forum follow; if you want a copy email able900 for the link.

    I wouldn’t have your doctor prescribe you anything more if he is a western doctor. Nystatin is an effective pharmaceutical grade antifungal that you’ve taken before, and this may the only thing you’ll want.



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    Thanks for your answers Able and raster!

    Able – when I think about it makes sense actually not taking all the antifungals at the same time. Been reading about the protocol. In regards to antifungals, I eat coconut oil daily and use garlic frequently. Should I use something else as well in addition? How many different antifungals should I take for the treatment to be effective?

    I suppose since I was already on grapefruit seed extract for three months last year the Candida would have adapted to that already.

    Raster – Yes I am taking probiotics (have been since a year). Currently using Udo’s Choice super8. on the protocol there is a note that after a month I should not only change to a higher count but also change to another brand – is it not advisable to keep using thye same over a long time?

    One more question, about liver detoxification. I am not sure I can get Molybdenum in Norway. Would it be ok to use i.e. Milk thistle capsules? My doctor also prescribed me Ultra Clear powder for this purpose – will that suffice?

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