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    So I began the cleanse as recommended on Monday, eating only the raw and steamed veg/salad plus drinking the bentonite clay with Fiber-3. My stomach pains have stopped – great! BUT I haven’t been to the toilet for a bowel movement in 2/3 days. I exercise and drink about 3-4 litres of water a day.

    Now starting to worry that I’ll get constipation and become clogged up and feel as bad a I was prior to starting the cleanse. Before this, I’d go from constipation to diarreah with massive abdominal pains.

    Can anyone help suggest what I should do as I’m starting to get bloated, frustrated and upset from this.



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    This sounds perfectly normal whilst on the beginnings of the diet, so try to look past this as it shouldn’t occur all the time.

    Try going for walks, chew your food very well, consume a tablespoon of olive oil 3 times or more a day. Take magnesium and calcium vitamin tablets, and try green tea, nettle leaf tea or chamomile tea as these will all help. I’d also look into slippery elm bark powders too, as these will help.
    Also try to reduce the bentonite clay as this can make you constipated too.


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    The clay causes chronic constipation so if you are worried about constipation then I would not continue its use.


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