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    For those of you who remember seeing posts about Candida Baby a few months back, good news! She is cured!

    For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, here is my story:

    My baby suffered from thrush for most of her little life. After 8 months straight of being on Nystatin, I knew something was up. The Nystatin just couldn’t keep the thrush from coming back. A friend suggested the possibility that Candida Baby and I might have a yeast overgrowth. We were, therefore, giving the thrush back and forth to each other when I breastfed her. That resonated with me, so I started looking online for information. I found The Candida Diet website, and was more impressed with it than a couple other sites I had looked at.

    As I learned about Candida, I realized that I may or may not have suffered with Candidiasis for years, but for sure I have had it since my last baby was born. I had tested positive for Group B Strep, which doesn’t mean I HAVE the strep, but does mean that they gave me a monster dose of anti-biotics at the hospital when in labor, to ensure that my baby not get the strep. What the anti-biotic did was to kill all our friendly bacteria in our bodies, giving the opportunistic yeast in our bodies a chance to take over, and Candida, the nasty kind of yeast, entrenched itsself in our gutts. I started her on a modified form of the diet, and started the strict diet myself. (I modified the diet on the site with a few of Able900 and Raster’s ideas because they made a lot of sense to me). I also started an infant probiotic for her, and at able900’s advice, also gave her kefir or greek yogurt daily.

    Within a couple of months, her thrush disappeared, and so I started reintroducing foods to her. She has remained thrush- and Candida- free for months!

    I’d have shared this good news sooner, but have had trouble with my account on the forum. If you remember a Mamagibbs, that was me. I just created a new account, as gibbsmama5, today, so I could share the good news!

    Thanks to all who gave support and advice to me, a few months ago. I look forward to the day when I am Candida-free as well!

    Mamagibbs or Gibbsmama5


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    Many congratulations.

    I would never usually stick up for antibiotics, but in your case I believe they were necessary as a matter of life or death.

    They don’t test for Strep B in the UK anymore, and friends of mine lost their son 2 weeks after he was born with it.


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    That is a very good new !!! I remember when you posted the first time.
    Children usually respond faster than adults. I have heard about many cases. It is probably because a “virgin” immune system.

    Anyway, the diet and supplements that help to rebuild the antagonistic flora are vital in an anticandida treatment. MDs fail to direct a diet and supplements such as probiotics or fermented food. They also prescribe a Nystatin suspension formula loaded with sugar.

    Nystatin is an excellent drug to combat candida infections when used properly. Nystatin doesn’t work without a diet and less if it is loaded with sugar.

    Please, don’t blame Nystatin as a non-effective medication because it is. To beat candida you need an integral protocol where diet, antifungals, and supplements are necessary.

    Hope everything go well with the girl !



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    Hello, Mrs. Gibbs, and welcome back to the forum.

    Thank you for sharing your story with all of the members, and I really can’t express how happy I am to hear that your baby girl has improved so much in such a short period of time. My sincere wishes for her continued health as well as your continued improvement of your own health issues.

    Sincerely, Able


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    I am happy to hear this as well and am glad someone came back to the forum to tell us they are doing good; not everyone comes back to tell us the good news.

    The question is: How you are you doing mama gibbs? The news about the baby is great, but what about you?



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    Hiya Mrs Gibbs

    Please could you send me the revised diet for the baby i have a one year old with the same problem..

    Many Thanks


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