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    I would like to know if anyone on here has ever had a candida antigen test performed by a regular doctor? I have emergency medical coverage through a university hospital, cannot afford a naturopath. I would ask a regular doctor if you think they wouldn’t laugh in my face. I also suffer from depression so doctors tend to put everything on that instead of me being proactive about my health.

    I asked my dermatologist about yeast, and she said that it was more likely a product allergy. She said she didn’t know much about yeast and didn’t do anything with diet… geez… I mean there are skin disorders caused by yeast so why do they know so little?


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    I had to print out this page and take it into my Dr. while requesting running the candida antigen blood test. It wasn’t too expensive and I don’t have health insurance but, a whole lot of more expensive tests were ran at the same time so, I really don’t know what the cost is – BUT< THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY!

    “Blood Test
    An Anti-Candida Antibodies, or Candida Immune Complexes test. There are 3 antibodies that should be tested to measure your immune system’s response to Candida – IgG, IgA, and IgM. High levels of these antibodies indicate that an overgrowth of Candida is present. This is the most reliable test for Candidiasis that you can find.”

    In my case, one of the three antigen tests came back at 30.0 ~!!!! Whereas a normal value in a healthy person should be between 0.0 and 0.9 !!! 30 vs <.9 yep, firm and undeniable. Without printing out and showing what actual candida antigen tests to run resulted in him immediately reaching for his lab order form. Whereas, over the past year of telling him there was such a test resulted in him continuing in wanting to refer me to a nutritionalist. Once he saw the incredibly high candida antigen of 30 vs <.9 he mumbled, “I’ll do some research….” (*headshake*) like he did NO research over the past year while I’ve been suffering and pleading for him to look into if there were firm diagnostics out there, or once learning the lab down stairs from his office even runs the candida antigen blood test. The approach of printing out and handing him the information so he could just order the test resulted in immediate positive action: I highly recommend everyone do the same and save themselves the time, effort and frustration of going through what I went through until the magic fairy dust of a web site print out waved it’s magic wand over him and presto, his pen started writing up the lab order form!!!! amazging how that works!!!

    I’m not sure if this will allow us to use it as a marker of progress, such as if we run the same tests will they show a lowering of antigen levels as my body get’s well, or will it continue to increase if I get worse? Humm,,……I hope it’s the prior as it would be great to have some firm diagnostic to show progress from as I put everything I’ve got into treatment.


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