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    I just wanted to share my sister’s story. She used to get frequent UTIs for years, she took antibiotics and nothing helped.

    One year at Christmas, she ate so many cakes, sweets etc. that her candida overgrown so much causing her to faint in the doctors waiting room – that was the end to the sugar and beginning of a sugar free diet.

    One of her urologist doctors told her to go on a sugar free diet and when I checked this web on what to eat and what not, the diet is identical.

    Her partner went on the diet with her to support her and 4 months later, her UTIs seem to be much better and finally they can start trying for a baby.

    I could see how hard it was for them to start as you really have to think about what to eat and what foods to avoid but they managed it and now it seems that I will have to go on this diet as well as I seem to have fungal infection in my toe – nails peeling off my nail bed.

    We already eat very healthy in our household as my daughter was diagnosed with cancer when she was only 4 years old so Apple cider vinegar, Coconut oil, molasses, colloidal silver are no strangers to our cupboard ;-))))

    Good luck to me 😉 I know it will be a challenge to give up on coffee and milk!

    Good luck to all of you just starting!

    Stana xxx

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