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    Hello, I will give a little background before asking some important questions. I have been suffering for almost a year now, I had no clue it could have been candida. I am stil not 100% sure. I lost about 80 lbs because I would always feel bloated (to the point where I would feel like food sits in stomach, hurts like gastritis, and i’m always full too fast). I have a GP, had an endoscopy, found only mild gastric stomach erosion’s (pre ulcers) and was diagnosed with functional dyspepsia and ibs (My GP doesn’t believe candida can be the cause). Always constipated, always have facial flushing tingling, tingling in hands, feet, cold feet, not diabetic, get dizzy a lot.
    My supposed Candida symptoms blew up after my doctor literally poisoned me with two month course of prilosec (PPI) after then, I couldn’t even eat more than a plate of food before feeling like I was about to pop like a balloon.

    There are a lot of candida strains, so does the candida diet, probiotic, and good antifungal treatment, garlic, pau’d arco tea, coconut oil etc all work for the 100+ strains of Candida?

    Recently I developed a white cloak on my tongue. Similar to oral thrush, however, it is super tin, to a point any doctor can say, “its just a sour tongue”. I itch a lot, despite the fact I almost eat less than two plates a day on the food I have not been diagnosed with as allergic to. From here on out I became convinced I may be dealing with Candida but need more clarifications if this is so; and some useful tips.

    When I would eat oatmeal cookies, sugary oatmeal, candies, etc. I would eventually after a few weeks, get this crash of acid reflux, inability to eat more than a tiny plate, would feel horrendous, sometimes accompanied by pain in gut, and a burning stomach sensation, and this would only be relived if I starved for a week, in which symptoms would fall down a little to allow me to consume a bit more food and not intense discomfort (Basically restarting the cycle, this is my 10th time and i’m ready to make an intense change). My first question is, would it be possible that I was feeding up candida, that would then subside after whole week fast?

    Can candida even cause feelings like your throat has a ball stuck in it with a lot of mucous? Does Candida cause a burning in the stomach sensation? Does Candida diet only remove the symptoms, and would only the treatment of anti fungal, and probiotics remove all the overgrowth? Can Candida survive off of my bodies sugar supplies, despite me not putting any sugar into my body? Is it true prairie mineral sparkling water is good for a possible “Stomach Candida”. I noticed my candida is very stubborn, but can it really be the cause of the heavy feeling after meals, especially functional dyspepsia cause. I noticed foods like buckwheat and grilled turkey just sit and rot in my stomach (No I don’t have gastroparesis, or actual ulcers, or gastritis) and sugary foods, especially wheat type digest incredibly fast. Last time question, do I need to be having a bowel movement everyday to help push candida out of my system using senna, and is tingling tongue, pressure in throat, sweating (Not diabetic, 89 blood sugar) go away after treatment and diet?

    Extra symptoms; Ears clogging sometimes, flaky skin, dandruff despite drinking plenty of liquids. Weird stuff in belly button with a grotesque smell. Immediate acid reflux and ball sensation in throat after eating detoxifying foods, such as vegetable broth. Sweaty feet accompanied by cold. Sometimes feel full body cold-jittery as if I caught a flu, but no blood shows it, and my temp is usually 36.4. Full body itch, rectal itching, white spots in stools (Some say its candida).


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    It’s impossible to pose a definite diagnosis of candida, there are so many conditions that can trigger those reactions.

    When you want to know what foods you are allergic to, everybody knows the tests are bs, the only real diagnosis is to remove those foods from your diet progressively.

    Same here: I would take the prophilactic measure of including tons of raw crushed garlic with one meal a day, and a dose of 3MU nystatin oreally and/or via enema.

    Die off and potential improvements will tell whether you do have candida.

    Don’t bother with a stool test, even the most comprehensive ones sometimes don’t diagnose properly candida

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