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    Hello to anyone reading this post!

    On here to share my candida experience with the internet. Hoping to see if anyone has had a similar experience and if you’ve been able to cure it.

    I’ve been living with Candida for about 10 years. It started in my early teens with vaginal discharge. For years I thought it was just a chronic yeast infection as gynecologists would always tell me it was BV and prescribed antibiotics. Every time I went on the antibiotics, all my symptoms went away immediately (no discharge, irritation or odor) but came back as soon as the treatment was done. I stopped going to gynecologists and chose to ignore (live with) the issue feeling hopeless after so many attempts.

    This condition became a huge part of my life when I became sexually active. Sex is uncomfortable for me because I am always very self-conscious about the smell and discharge and the penetration can be painful. I’ve never had an orgasm and even began questioning my sexuality because of it for a while. It’s definitely affected my relationships throughout the years and consequently my self-esteem.

    It was only about 2 years ago that a doctor diagnosed me with candida and I understood what I had. I came across this website and decided to try the diet along with 100 billion probiotics from Amy Myers MD daily as well as Caprylic Acid and Oregano oil pills. I did this for 30 days seeing very little improvement. I got discouraged and relapsed into my regular lifestyle feeling hopeless once again. I generally eat healthy, do exercise and meditate but after 10 years of unsuccessfully trying to get rid of it, I felt like I needed a more radical approach.

    I have been on the candida diet for two months eating zero sugar, fruits, starch, gluten, bread, yeast, alcohol, corn, mushrooms, most grains, moldy nuts red meat, pork and dairy. I mostly eat eggs, chicken, quinoa, avocado and greens. Once in a while I’ll have a little carrot in a salad and almond or coconut flour products. I sometimes eat yogurt with green apples, cinnamon and walnuts. I’m also taking garden of life 50 billion probiotics daily. I haven’t restarted the anti-fungals because I simultaneously started a treatment for a suspected autoimmunity condition and hyperthyroidism. The nutritionist told me I should only be taking the supplements in their plan and probiotics was the only additional thing ok to take during the treatment.

    I finished phase one of the supplements and am starting a 10 day flush tomorrow. Once that flush is done I will resume the anti-fungals. I plan to do the diet for however long it takes. I’m just interested in hearing if anyone else with candidiasis for this long has been able to cure themselves (no chunky discharge, odor, pain during sex, fatigue, depression) with just the diet, probiotics and anti-fungals. If so, I would really appreciate sharing the following:

    – what did you eat specifically?
    – what probiotic did you take? (brand/kind)
    – what anti-fungals did you take? (brand/kind)
    – recommend anything else to add to the routine?

    Thank you for reading!


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    Hello there, I hope I can add some helpful advice..
    (Although I haven’t had Candida as long as you nor have I been cured as of yet)

    First I’d like to ask did you start with the strict diet first?
    I’ve been eating pretty strict myself but have found that foods like quinoa, dairy, and even almond/coconut flour hinder my results greatly because they do contain carbs. I’ve found that animal proteins and veggies have been all I can handle (ive had candida for about 6 months).

    Secondly I would say that antifungals are a must.. antifungals/probiotics/no sugar/low carb diet are absolutely essential.

    With regards to the prescription antibiotics, they were working great on your behalf, but once they are done that is the moment to strike hard with the diet/antifungals/probiotics. If at all possible I would try and get another round before beginning again, if it were me.

    Remember to drink lots and lots of water! Got to flush all the toxins out.

    As for the sexual aspect, Candida can play a number of issues on hormones and hormones are greatly interwoven with sexuality and desire.

    In my opinion the best antifungals, a must have, is organic cold pressed coconut oil, plus it has healthy fats and is a great way to get those calories that seem hard to get once there isn’t so much choices of foods.
    Also olive oil is good.
    Raw garlic too, and there are a whole host of herbs (Pau D Arco tea, cinnamon..). Vitamin C is a must to strengthen your immune system during all of this as well.

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    Thanks so much for this advice PeteSake!

    I actually had a call with my nutritionist this morning and told her about my eating habits for the past couple of weeks and she too suggested I stay away from quinoa, yogurt and any grains or carbs at all. She said I should be eating 70% vegetables (50% of those being uncooked) and 30% protein coming from chicken and seafood. I am excluding tuna, swordfish and all shellfish from that category.

    So tomorrow I will start my flush and supplement program which lasts 14 days. I will probably just cold press juice and eat salads. Once the flush is done, I will try going to the gynecologist one more time and going on a round of antibiotics while simultaneously taking probiotics, anti-fungals and the strict veggie + animal protein diet.

    I’ll send an update once I’m 30 days in!

    Again, if anyone can recommend a brand a probiotics that have worked best for beating the candida please let me know.


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    I would consider getting some food-based probiotics too. Sauerkraut, plain yogurt etc – they are generally just as potent as supplements and a lot cheaper!

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