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    I had persistent infections for a couple of years, and kept going to the ob/gyn because in the past, one pill would get rid of the issue. But this time, it kept coming back. And the MDs were of no help, as you all probably have experienced.

    At the same time, I kept getting these bumps on my eyelids, which at the time I thought were caused by overwork. I didn’t think the two infections were related.

    But a few years of having both and doing research on my own, I came across some articles showing the link. Finally! I kept going to optometrists and ophthalmologists (multiple ones) to get a proper diagnosis, and they kept saying it was bacterial and blocked glands. WTF? They told me to put a hot (HOT) towel on my eye lids for long periods of time to open the pores.

    I told all of them that I was at the same time suffering yeast infections, but none of them made the connection.

    Below are two articles showing the connection between eye infections and candida.

    I just read this this morning – just confirms that fungi are millions of years old and know how to infect and survive:


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    I recommend getting proper diagnosis via the candia5 test, its pretty cheap. If you need a good ND in portland, let me know.


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