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    I’m new to the forum. I went in for an EDG yesterday, and the findings indicate that I have Candida in my esophagus. I was sedated, and I wasn’t given an opportunity to speak with my doctor after the procedure. I tried calling several times today to get some advice on best practices to fghting the infection, and as is typical with dr.s offices I didn’t receive a response.

    They did give me two presciptions:
    Diflucan 150 mg (take one daily for 5 days)- No alcohol while on Diflucan
    Prilosec 20 mg (take one daily indefinitely)

    There were no indications that I need to change my diet, most of which falls under the do not eat section of this website. Based on the pictures from the EDG, it appears to be a substantial infection as 25 percent of the surface of my esophagus is coated in a patchy white-yellow yeast.

    Two questions:

    1. I work a stressful job with long hours, and the one thing I look forward to when I get home at night is two glasses of wine. One of my friends in the medical profession suggested that I could probably have two vodka or gin and diet tonics, if I take the Diflucan and adhere to a strict diet, is this amount of alcohol going to cancel out the Diflucan and prolong the infection?

    2. If I simply follow doctors orders; abstain from all alcohol and take my prescriptions- will this be enough to fight off the infection?

    I’m obviously uneducated on this topic, and really appreciate any advice.



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    Sounds like a candida overgrowth caused the infection. Could be from stress from your job as stress messes with your immune system. It would probably be best if you cut back on refined carbs and sweets at the very least. Also if you drink whiskey, beer, and wine are the worst offenders. Vodka and gin are better options.
    Good luck!

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