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    Candida Albicans is not only able to neutralize Th1 but also Th17 by a different mechanism.

    Recent studies have found it:

    V. Inhibition of IL-17 production
    394 IL-17 has been suggested to be an important component of host defense against Candida
    395 infection (22,45). Candida cell wall components, especially mannans and β-glucans, are
    396 recognized by CLRs such as MR, dectin-1, and dectin-2, leading to inflammasome activation,
    397 IL-1β production, and subsequent induction of IL-17 (106,110). Recently, it was
    398 demonstrated that C. albicans could actively inhibit host IL-17 production by altering host
    399 tryptophan metabolism. Tryptophan metabolism is regulated by two distinct enzymes:
    400 Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) and tryptophan hydroxylase. By inhibiting IDO
    401 expression, C. albicans could shift tryptophan metabolism and this leads to less kynurenines
    402 and more 5-hydroxytrptophan metabolites. The increased 5-hydroxytryptophan subsequently
    403 inhibits host IL-17 production (20).

    The same candida is in charge of neutralizing the immune response we need to eliminate it.


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