Candida Again?

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    This is my first post and I look forward to connecting with folks who are in a similar boat! Here is my story…

    Ever since childhood I have suffered with seasonal allergies. When I was a young teen I suffered from terrible dysmenorrhea and was promptly prescribed birth control pills to help ease that suffering. I went on to take birth control pills well into my 30’s. Also as I teen I developed acne and was put on doses of tetracycline. In high school I began experiencing gastrointestinal disturbances…loud tummy rumbling being one of the bizarre things that I remember the most. Things were so bad that I found myself at the family doctor who thought I had an ulcer and prescribed medicine – I can’t remember the name of it, but I do recall that it didn’t help and seemed to resolve on its own.

    In my early 20’s routine blood work showed that I had exceptionally high cholesterol levels and was asked to follow a ‘bland’ diet for 2+ months. Follow-up blood tests after this strict diet, showed no change in my cholesterol levels so the Dr. announced that it was genetic and nothing to be overly worried about given my age, fitness level, weight etc.

    In my late 20’s a backpacking trip had me catching a bug which resulted in a trip to the emergency dept. in Spain and a prescription for antibiotics. I returned to Canada still under the weather and being prescribed more antibiotics. A year later I had Mono and Strep – and more prescriptions for antibiotics. Not long after that I developed a strange intensely itchy rash on my abdomen which lasted for a few weeks, went away and came back at the exact same time the following year!

    I found that in the years to follow I had a lot of nasal congestion, post-nasal drip, coughing – my doc at that time told me I had to learn to live with it…in the meantime, I ate quite a healthy diet, but I loved and craved my cheese, sweets, breads and chocolate! I figured since I was athletic and slim, it wouldn’t do me any harm to indulge once in a while.

    One morning in my early 30’s, things got really ‘interesting’. I woke up, stood up and immediately fell to the ground when I was overcome with an extreme case of vertigo. Vertigo, spaciness, feeling unbalanced, nausea, fatigue, etc…all of these symptoms hit me like a ton of bricks and I began the seemingly endless round of tests and dr’s visits. All things came back negative…I was told that I was fine and I was of course devastated. This continued for weeks and weeks until I thankfully sought out the services of a Naturopath who took the time to listen to my ‘bizarre’ list of symptoms and swiftly declared that they thought I had candidiasis. I was put on a candida diet and prescribed natural anti-fungals and started feeling better soon after. Within a few months I felt great and let the candida protocol slide – thinking that I had overcome it.

    A couple of years later, after 2 miscarriages I was finally pregnant, but under extreme stress due to the previous early losses. I had severe morning sickness, but felt some relief during the middle trimester. The 3rd trimester however was almost debilitating – I was extremely tired, lethargic, had awful abdominal pains, insomnia, irritability, craved bread and chips like crazy – my list goes on and on…I was self-injecting with a blood thinner – Fragmin – due to results that suggested I had a slight blood clotting issue during my miscarriage testing. I knew that things were over and above the routine symptoms that pregnant woman experience. Once again my gynecologist couldn’t see how anything was ‘wrong’ so I assumed that all of these things would disappear once the baby was born.

    Boy, was I wrong! My son was born – healthy and happy. I on the other hand, descended quickly on a spiraling tunnel downwards. Not only did all of pregnancy symptoms continue, but they intensified! In addition a few new ones were added – I didn’t have vertigo this time around, but I did experience strange neurological sensations (electrical tingling feelings throughout my body), wicked nightmares, loss of appetite to name a few. Everything together resulted in ME needing to be taken care of – rather than me being able to properly care for my son.

    For the past 10 years since my son was born, I have been going from Dr to Dr. trying to find the cause for the symptoms that I’ve been dealing with. Some of the more bizarre symptoms seemed to go away on their own, but some have remained: fatigue, irritability, severe menstrual symptoms, pms, carb cravings, abdominal pain – especially under right ribs, constipation at times, gas, belching, bloating, tightness in the muscles, feeling tight in the abdomen, nasal congestion, low libido, feeling lethargic at times, feeling ‘heavy’ at times, etc.

    During this past decade, I have had the standard medical tests (all which indicate that I’m fine or that it’s all in my head so the prescription pad for anti-depressants came out 🙁 I’ve also been trying a number of different things on my own – liver cleanses, colon cleanses, colonics, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, naturopathy, etc. I’ve also tried countless different diets, Atkins, Raw, Vegetarian, etc.

    Oddly enough, it has only been recently that I’m thinking that candidiasis may be the culprit!! Since many of the symptoms when I was pregnant were somewhat different than when I had it before, I didn’t even think that it may be the same thing presenting in a different manner!

    I’ve done a few candida questionnaires (including the one offered by William Crook) and my results are off the charts.

    I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired and am eager and excited to get started on the Candida Diet protocol. I’ve read that there is a ‘strict’ version of the candida diet and am interested in hearing from others out there to find out what their experiences have been for both the diet portion of the protocol and the rest of it too! I’m wanting to tame this beast as quickly as I can, and am pretty much ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen!


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    Hello Susan,

    Your story is very interesting and it shows how western medicine can fail over and over and it doesn’t effectively heal everyone. I am saddened that you have such bad symptoms…

    Dr. Mcoomb’s feels that anyone who has taken antibiotics has a gut flora imbalance and some of the flora you lost may never return again because the antibiotics destroyed it. I also think that you may not have “cured” your infestation the first time around and that why it came back. Stress can effect the immune system negatively and likely ran you into the ground.

    Please let us know how you progress and whether you experience die-off symptoms, etc. I also highly suspect that you may have parasites which may have or may not have caused the miscarriages. Everyone has bugs but at different levels. Luckily parasites are killed in a similar manner as the candida diet and protocol, so you won’t need to change many things to kill them off effectively.

    Just wanted to share with you my analysis and hope it doesn’t effect you negatively. I hope that you understand that it takes a very long time to heal the body and it can take as long as 6-18 months to fully recover from candida overgrowth. Eating healthy in the long term will assure that this sucker won’t return.



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    Thank you so much Raster for your comments. I have been forwarded the strict diet protocol from Able and look forward to starting this program. Having gone through regimens in the past, I know it’s going to be tough, but this particular plan (which I’ve read multiple times!) seems to make a lot of sense to me! I can see how even the order in which I may have done things in the past, may have done more harm than good. I’m very grateful to have this forum to turn to 🙂

    You mention the possibility of parasites…I have done a few different parasite cleanses in the past so I’m not freaked out by the possibility! You mentioned that I wouldn’t need to change many things to kill them off effectively. Are there other things that I would need to consider doing and how would one know to do that?

    As I await my order of Molybdenum to arrive from the US, I’m prepping myself by gathering the other items suggested on the protocol. I do have a couple of questions for you…can you confirm – what is the amount of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A that should be taken? It says ‘take at least 5000 to 10,000 units a day only in gel form for at least a few weeks…’ is that 5000 – 10000 IU/day for each?

    Also, where the cal/mag/zinc is concerned – if the daily values are over, is that ok?



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    Susansl66 wrote: I do have a couple of questions for you…can you confirm – what is the amount of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A that should be taken? It says ‘take at least 5000 to 10,000 units a day only in gel form for at least a few weeks…’ is that 5000 – 10000 IU/day for each?

    Hi, Susan. I’m sorry this wasn’t made clear before, but I’ve edited the information, and I hope I’ve clarified it for everyone. Please let me know if it’s clear enough now.

    Also, where the cal/mag/zinc is concerned – if the daily values are over, is that ok?

    If they’re a little over it isn’t a major concern, but obviously I wouldn’t want to take a supplement containing too much over the recommended dose for a long time.

    Thanks, Able


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    Hi Able,

    Yes, thanks…I’ve got the updated vitamin info now. Much appreciated!

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