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    I am kind of confused as to whether candida in encouraged in an acid or alkaline enviroment. I have always believe that it is an acid enviroment that tended to let it get out of control. I have read many books on acid and alkaline and thay seem to indicate that a body that is on the acid side, over all, is looking for trouble as far as good health is concerned. Certain foods are acid forming and certain foods are alkaline forming and we tend to eat mostly acid foods. It is my understanding that a healthy body should be slightly on the alkaline side.

    Now with that being said, I do understand that certain parts of our body do have different PH readings. The stomach is acid but the blood is slightly on the alkaline side. 7.35 or there abouts.

    So I guess where I am getting confused is these different readings. The body as a whole has to be on the alkaline side for good health but when is comes to the stomach and large and small intestines, things have to be on the acid side. Reading this forum, it has been said several times that candida thrive in and alkaline enviroment. Is this in reference to the stomach, and intestines?

    Can anyone add some insight to this confusion? I hope I have not confused everyone on my first shot at this forum.

    Thank you in advance for any insights and help you can provide.


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    This is one of the many subjects covered in the Index of Posts.

    pH Balance


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