Can you still have candida overgrowth if you've never had a yeast infection?

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    Hello all,

    I’m new and I’m investigating the possibility of a candida overgrowth. I’ve done a few questionnaires online that suggest I have a 95% chance of an “intense” overgrowth.

    My symptoms are: chronic fatigue, brain fog, constant burping and indigestion, minor bloating, acid reflux, constipation (in spite of a high fibre plant based diet), headaches, muscular tension, low blood pressure, anxiety, depression, mood swings, loss of appetite, runny nose, occasionally get very itchy skin, insomnia, food intolerance (gluten and soy), easily overwhelmed/stressed out, frequent urination and nocturia, sugar cravings, mild adult acne on chest and back, feeling very cold all year apart from the height of summer…And probably more that I’ve forgotten! (It’s such a long list lol – Forgetfulness is another!).

    I’ve been diagnosed with M.E/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia (which cover a lot of these symptoms), but this doesn’t cover all of my symptoms, particularly frequent urination and burping (which doctors have never been able to explain. I’ve had diabetes and such ruled out).

    I’ve been doing tons of reading and came across candida overgrowth, sibo, leaky gut, parasites and adrenal fatigue. It’s possible I have all or a combination of these as many of the symptoms overlap and many sources say if you have one of them, you tend to have all of them (indeed, perhaps it is the combination of these issues that add up to a blanket term of M.E!). So I’m currently investigating.

    I’ve sent off for a stool and saliva test from, which I won’t get the results for, for at least 3+ weeks (gotta stop my anti-fungal and digestive supplements for at least a week first), but I have since been informed that this is likely to be inaccurate and that I need to order an organic acids test for candida…

    So, long story short (felt like I had to give some context), a symptom I DON’T have is a yeast/thrush infection. In fact I’ve never had a yeast infection of any kind in my entire life.

    I know you don’t have to have every single symptom of an illness to be diagnosed with it, but I was wondering if this is a key requirement in this instance? Can you still have Candida overgrowth in your gut, without it appearing elsewhere in the body? In terms of the other potential illnesses, I also don’t have any GI pain (candida, leaky gut, SIBO), rashes (candida, parasites, allergies) or belly fat (a key sign of adrenal fatigue), but tick pretty much everything else on the list for all of them!

    In addition to the other symptoms, indicators from my history that show the possibility of candida overgrowth include long term chronic stress, lots of sugar (dried fruits and chocolate), I’ve used antibiotics 2 or 3 times in my life and I was on the pill for a few months. I’ve been ill for 17 years.

    Thanks :).


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    According to people on here yes and the stool test can be negative and you can still have cand. Just started the diet today although ive never had any visible symptoms

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