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    When I had awoke this morning, my mother had answered the phone for me and spoke to my doctor to get a quick summary of my new test results. What I got from my confused mother was that there was a series of problems affecting me rather than just candida and leaky gut and apparently I need a brain scan, surely that must be quite serious. So naturally I am frankly very concerned and very much in the dark and really hope there is someone who can interpret these results. I really want to know now as I will have to wait 3 weeks to go through results with homeopath!

    Lymphocyte Sensitivity
    Reference intervals: up to 100 = normal, 100-200 = borderline, over 200 = definite sensitivity

    Most significant ones:

    mercury (inorganic) = 160
    Mercury (organic) = 115
    Tin = 120
    Benzoate = 150
    Nitrosamines = 190
    Pentachlorophenol = 120
    Organophosphates = 170

    Toxic effects of chemicals identified by other tests:

    Mercury (ii) (chloride) % inhibition of MA = 6.5 Comments = Mild pre existing inhibition of metabolic activity
    Organophosphates (mix) = 11.5 Comments = Pre-existing inhibition of metabolic activity
    Nitrosopyrrolidine = 8.5 Comments = Mild pre-existing inhibition of metabolic activity


    uric acid = 654 Range 266 – 474

    If anyone can interpret this in anyway I would really appreciate it.

    From what I can see it looks like quite a serious amount of metal toxicity, please can someone help alleviate some anxiety please.

    Many thanks


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    You need these analyzed by a naturopathic doctor. It looks like your uric acid levels are high; magnesium chloride and juniper can reduce uric acid deposits.



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    1533jd;37168 wrote: uric acid = 654 Range 266 – 474JD

    Hello, JD.

    The normal urine levels of uric acid run between 250 to 750 mg per 24 hours. I don’t know what your doctor was referring to with the range numbers you’ve posted, but he may want to test this again as the numbers often vary widely from day to day. If you are tested again, the number may be quite different.

    If you have a responsible doctor, he will have you to come to his office in order to explain in depth the results of all the tests. If he doesn’t do this, then you should request it yourself. You or your insurance paid for the tests, plus you have the right to have the results explained to you.


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