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    I have been on the candida diet for almost six weeks, but I only had die off symptoms for one and a half weeks. However, since I started to feel better by week 4 after not eating any sugar or carbohydrates. So by week 5 I started to have some berries and a small portions of carrots but not much, however, I been feeling better every day, but today I had one brown rice tortilla and some brown rice for lunch and immediately my stomach got very bloated and I feel some discomfort and heartburn. So my question is does brown rice contains gluten and why did I reacted to the rice so quickly. Maybe I didn’t have a big problem with the candida, but I am gluten sensitive. Any thoughts?


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    Rice is inflammatory and we do not recommend it on the diet. It also contains high amounts of starch and low amounts of sugar. It is high in the GI index.

    We have a strict forum food list that does not allow brown rice. Email able900 if you want a copy.

    A great alternative is buckhweat which is typically more agreeable for everyone on the diet.

    I have only just now added brown rice in stage 3 of the diet.


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