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    Hello! I started the candida diet a few days ago and was planning on doing the first stage for 7 days but felt weak and tired for the two days that I did it. My body really hated it. How important is the first stage? Is it possible to get rid of my candida overgrowth by skipping to the second stage and starting on anti-fungals and probiotics right away? I had already been taking oregano oil, coconut oil and black walnut hull before entertaining the idea of the diet so I don’t think die off will be too big of a problem for me. If I do decide to go back and start with the first stage should I discontinue my anti-fungals until I start the second stage? Also, should I still do the bentonite/fiber drink if I decide to skip the first stage?



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    You can skip the cleanse and it doesn’t even come close to killing all of the candida in the body. It is completely optional.

    We follow different stages on the forum:

    stage 0: cleanse
    stage 1: long term anti-candida diet
    stage 2: for when you are better and can tolerate more foods
    stage 3: basically a healthy non-candida diet


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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