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    Without me telling what it is (so you don’t just say no automatically, LOL), can someone tell me how incredibly bad it would be to have a little bit of once or twice a week if I absolutley have to?


    Carbonated Water
    Caramel Color
    Phosphoric Acid
    Potassium Benzoate
    Natural Flavors
    Citric Acid

    Thanks 🙂



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    Hello, Amanda.

    This sounds like some type of soda/sparkling water.

    Carbonated water is basically carbonic acid which is known to deplete the minerals in teeth and bones. Carbon dioxide gas is dissolved to make carbonated water (under pressure), carbon dioxide is basically a waste product.
    Using a X-ray technique which measures the absorbability of a compound, the result provided evidence to supporting the theory that ingesting phosphoric acid lowers bone density.

    Citric acid is normally derived from yeast – you already know about yeast and Candida.

    Aspartame is also sold under the name NutraSweet.
    Researchers have studied aspartame at length, and the following is a list of known side effects, starting with the mildest.

    Problems with eye sight
    Headaches and migraines
    Abdominal pain
    Fatigue ( aspartame is able to block glucose from entering the brain)
    Memory loss
    Brain lesions
    Neuroendocrine disorders
    Parkinson’s disease
    Hearing loss
    Multiple sclerosis
    Alzheimer’s disease
    Hormonal problems

    Aspartame is also one of the many imitation sweeteners on which Candida are able to feed.

    How bad are you hating me right now? =)


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    The night I took aspartame was the first night I had candida reactions and went to hospital, so stop it ASAP! Aspartame can really trigger bad reactions…

    Relating to what able said, you do not want anything that depletes calcium because your body needs it to heal!


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    Super duper sigh…. no caffine free diet coke for me :(.

    I figured it was bad, but just HAD to ask. I am so in withdrawl. 7 days since my last one. I’ve never smoked, but I’m guessing I miss diet coke more than a cigarette addict misses his smokes while he’s quitting!

    Thanks for the input everyone. You guys are great (even though you don’t give me the answers I want :)).


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    You shouldn’t really have anything other than water during the diet. Maybe a little tea (but don’t overdo it). Organic teas are best FYI. No coffee either! No dairy!

    Aspartame has so many bad side effects I would consider ditching it for eternity. There’s a documentary called “Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World” about the side effects of aspartame that I recommend watching.

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