Can I freeze coconut bread?

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    I made a coconut bread yesterday but I will not be able to eat eat in the next 8 days so it can spoil in the fridge so I would prefer freeze it. Is that safe? Can I freeze coconut bread?


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    I freeze it because I never know if I am going to eat it fast enough. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, and I hate for all the time I take to prepare my food for it to go bad quickly!!!


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    I tried freezing it, but I found that when I thawed it, the bread was really crumbly and would fall apart in my toaster.


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    I keep mine in the refrigerator now after I make it. It’s good for about a week. I used to leave it out but after 3 days the texture and taste would change. I often eat it cold — strangely, I like the taste cold!

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