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    Hi, i am new in this diet and I would like to know what type of carbohydrates can I eat since I work out almost every day.
    Also, I have some doubts about certain groceries – can I eat or not:
    -grapefruit and berries
    -beef and lamb meet
    -Greek yogurt
    -pistachios, cashew and other nuts
    -mushrooms, paprika, carrot…

    Thanks in advance


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    Honestly, it looks like you haven’t spent much time reading about the plan yet 🙂 Have you seen the yes, no and maybe lists?

    Here’s my guess for each one:

    -popcorn NO
    -honey NO
    -grapefruit and berries MAYBE
    -beef and lamb meet MAYBE
    -Greek yogurt YES
    -pistachios, cashew and other nuts MAYBE
    -cocoa MAYBE
    -mushrooms YES
    -paprika YES
    -carrot MAYBE


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    Thank you very much for your answer.
    To be honest, I have read a lot on the internet but lists which I found are quite different on each site. Also, I live in a country where English literature is not very popular neither I can find books on my mother tongue here. Also, I’m not a huge fan of e-books. However, I go home for a weekend so I’ll try to search for some useful books.
    I would also appreciate if you have some recommendation for literature on this subject.

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