Can disturbed sleep, restless legs and brain fog just be simple fungus die-off?

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    Dear everyone.

    I am a PFS (post finasteride syndrome) sufferer and I’m on my fourth year of trying to recover. I took the drug for five weeks during spring 2014 and quit cold turkey because of sexual side effects. I’m trying to rule out whether I have candida/fungus overgrowth or not. There are quite a few things that point to that diagnosis in my case. And I’m very curious to find out if my “PFS” is based more or less on fungus overgrowth.

    After I quit finasteride I was left in a state where life became hell. Brain fog, depression, anxiety, watery semen, pain in the penis, testicles and scrotum (I believe this is chronic prostatitis), cold penis, erectile dysfunction, more or less complete libido loss, destroyed sexual life and so on. And I was _extremely_ sensitive to stress. I would get acute penile pain and tingling in the prostate during stressful events. I also had brain fog and extreme difficulties in focusing a work (I’m a software engineer).

    I did also get a debilitating fatigue that rendered me physically handicapped. I could do some amount of physical work and then “crash” with brain fog, increased prostatitis, depression/anxiety, zero energy and very frequent bowel movements. It was like my large intestine had collapsed more or less and it really felt wrong. I’ve had low testosterone levels this whole period.

    After physical exercise I had libido flare ups (think: normal libido times 10, but still feels “wrong”) accompanied with the bad flare ups (prostatitis/penile pain/bowel). I also noticed that symptoms would flare up after I ate certain fermented foods, sugar and alcohol, but this was anyways not a very big deal at that time (2014-2015) so I chose to ignore it and ate and drank basically anything.

    By conincidence I started taking Citrulline Malate. This actually changed my world dramatically. I started feeling better and it solved many of my problems with pain. It relieved the prostatitis and it made me feel more energetic and less depressed. It did make me feel a bit dizzy/fogged, but it was way better than the former months. I was not in a position to have a relationship, though.

    I continued taking Citrulline until 2016 when I started swimming. I thought that I really had to do something with my body to try to increase testosterone levels since they were low. During that spring, as I got in better and better physical shape I started to notice sleeping problems. It was difficult falling asleep (my mind could be a bit hyper when hitting the pillow) and I also got disturbed sleep, often waking up at 0130, 0400 and so on, often feeling that I hadn’t been asleep at all. It was like my eyelids just opened. I believe a trigger for these disturbed sleep periods was alcohol. And when it started, it was like being dragged into a downward spiral. It’s like not being able to sleep because you couldn’t sleep the night before. And just forget sleeping in the afternoon because you’re not able to do so anyways. Together with this disturbed sleep the spiral consisted of prostatitis, but in a slightly different way than without any supplements, urinary tract infections, restless legs, an inability to focus at work (brain fog) and loss of emotions.

    I noticed that by cutting down on Citrulline, it was much easier falling asleep. So I continued decreasing the dose until the end of 2016 when I couldn’t handle it anymore. By that time I started on a probiotic containing Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG. That switch changed everything and it made my life a lot more liveable.

    Fast forward to summer 2017 I was at a point where touching a teaspoon of Citrulline would bring disturbed sleep very easily (it (or the nitric oxide it raises) has a wash out time of around 6 weeks, according to my diary and some searches I’ve done). I decided to quit taking it because I couldn’t go on like that. I started with l-glutamine that summer and it made a big difference in stabilizing my large intestine.

    To relieve the pain I pinged with CoQ10 (also raises NO) and that was effective, however, I took one capsule per day for 7 days and then the insomnia spiral came yet again.

    Autumn 2017 I by coincidence included Jarrows magnesium and Prescript Assist (in addition to the former probiotic and l-glutamine) to my portfolio. I felt better once again and I was able to start with weight lifting to a certain degree. I got some emotional feelings back now and then, but I haven’t been “good”. However, I was able to have a rather reliable erection and I could have sex again, albeit with decreased sensitivity and not the steamy libido you should have (these are all charming PFS side effects). My sides also improve dramatically when I’m on vacation and the stress is low; I have actually been more or less restored on some occasions (given every supplement I take + low stress).

    When I quit nitric oxide supplements autumn 2017 I was forced to change my diet. I ate most things then but I suddenly noticed that…wow..I don’t respond well to this. From november 2017 and until now I have cut down on most carbs (I eat mainly quinoa as the carb source now), I avoid gluten, sugar (sucrose, fructose), and I try to be careful with alcohol, although I’m trying to not become an eremite so I’m out occasionally and I drink alcohol then and for social occations. However, this autumn, I discovered that I’m starting to respond the same way to magnesium. I was forced to go from 400mg daily to around 300-350mg daily. Or else, I would get these damn insomnia spirals again. Today, I take the following:

    * Probiotic with the strains I mentioned [absolutely critical]
    * L-glutamine (two teaspoons a day, maybe 5g) [critical]
    * 300-350mg magnesium (morning) [absolutely critical]
    * Lactoferrin (it has helped)
    * Calcium d-glucarate (I believe it has helped)

    So, this leads me to thinking… can the spiral symptoms I experience be fungus die-off? Is it possible that my consumption of NO increasing supplements shadowed a fungus increase over years that now starts to become so severe that I am forced to quit also something as elementary as magnesium? I have actually also experienced problems sleeping after taking too much l-glutamine, and especially if it’s too late in the evening.

    My sides/experiences that suggests fungus are the following:

    * Brain fog
    * Diarrhea, inflamed large intestine (proctitis?), frequent and unnatural bowel movements when not on any supplement or for instance, when skipping l-glutamine for some days. This also leads to prostatitis btw.
    * Prostatitis itself
    * Reaction to sugar, alcohol, gluten
    * Reaction to over exercising
    * Reaction to stress
    * Reaction to too little sleep or sleep of insufficient quality. I have experienced urinary tract infections because of too little sleep.

    Another esoteric observation; there is a class of supplements that gives me rather severe prostatitis 30 minutes after I take them. They are; maca, ginseng, caffeine (coffee) and the last one on the list is the Now Foods probiotic-10, 100 billion CFUs. I think that is _very_ strange. Depending on what relieving supps I’m on, it can take days and weeks to recover.

    I am very excited to hear if anyone of you think my hypothesis might be correct. And if not, could you think of what this could be?

    Should I just blast through with increased magnesium dosage, be sent into the spiral and try to take some detox supplements at the same time to try and see what happens? Because…I think the change that has happened through these years (I feel better because of increased supplement usage, but I might be worse) is very scary. It’s overwhelming.

    I’m sorry for taking up so many kilobytes of storage and your precious time, but as you can see, my life has suddenly turned into something quite complicated ;/


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    I think you need to reevaluate what your doing, and listen to your body.

    In the beginning I took 30 different pills a day 90% where totally inappropriate for my situation.

    If your reacting to sleep, exercise, and stress thats adrenals being tired.

    First alcohol is a neuro toxin so if your having issues detoxing you will have issues drinking.

    When you say reactions what do you mean?


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    Thank you for replying!

    Well, the fact that I’ve spent 4 years on converging on the few modest supplements (both in type and dose) you see on my list should suggest that I am indeed listening to my body. This is no placebo scenario, I have tried on and off several times and the reactions to not taking them has been consistently negative (especially traumatic when it comes to the probiotic).

    In general I want to take as few supplements as possible, since I want my body to get in shape by itself. Unfortunately that’s a dreamed up silver bullet for now, it seems.

    I think adrenal fatigue seems very probable, thanks for pointing this out. I’m just trying a few things to wipe out the possibility of candida now (GSE and SF722 undecylenic acid) and I’m noticing some headache and instantly better sleep. However, I don’t know if that will hold over time, of course. I will have to see.

    Reaction to sugar, gluten (especially over time): It’s like my testosterone drops and quality of life goes down. Increased tingling in the prostate. Sexual side effects increase.

    Reaction to over exercising: Depends on what I take. Nowadays, with my supps, I can have quite intense excercises without noticing much and I notice increased androgen activity and libido, especially if not stressed. But without any supps; broken digestion, penile pain/fibrosis/retraction, prostatitis, brain fog. So, it’s like a harsh stress response the body’s not able to handle.

    * Reaction to stress: prostatitis/penile pain.

    * Reaction to too little sleep or sleep of insufficient quality: Brain fog, urinary tract infections, bad sensations in the, I would assume.

    I know alcohol indeed is a toxin, so I have cut down a lot. However, vacations and family/social gatherings etc. tend to involve alcohol and since I don’t notice any direct dramatic consequence of drinking it, I drink it. But yes, I for sure would believe it doesn’t exactly speed up any recovery. Without supplements I’m more vulnerable and I can get pain from drinking alcohol too.


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    Wow, that escalated quickly. I am so sorry I offended you.

    First of all, I am open minded. I asked and I reported what I have done and what have made me feel better and what hasn’t. Do you think I know the answer to this? Then why am I here? How can I not be open minded by actually visiting a Candida site and seeking information in a field I know very little about?

    Yes, without supplements I still don’t feel permanently better after 4 years, which sadly is the reality for many men who took this damn drug. It seems to me you are enjoying this and that you’re triumphing the fact that you had some condition and got better after one year. Well, congratulations to you but you didn’t take Finasteride, did you?

    If you read the topic of this question, it boils down to me looking for any idea or hypothesis. And you said adrenal fatigue. That’s valuable to me, thank you, but noone talks to me like that.

    Please, harass someone else, mr. aggressive.

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