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    Hello People

    During a diet where I have a caloric surplus my candida symptoms worsen. Oral thrush , fatigue, brain fog, and facial redness. Whereas when I enter a caloric deficit my symptoms get better. All the while I am following a routine with probiotics and anti-fungals. Please Note I train 5 times a week, two of which are heavy weightlifting sessions.

    Please advice on my how to progress, entering a caloric deficit is not an ideal option in my case as it prevents progress in my training.

    Thank You


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    It takes a while to repair your gut and balance things out with your diet.

    To help alleviate my training or high calorie needs I use fermented foods once or twice a week like, kefir water to help with cane sugars, yogurt or kefir milk for dairy, fermented vegetables to get in some potatoes or even sour dough for breads. As they are almost pre-digested foods which help us because we have problems with digestion, they also contain the bacteria needed to help digest similar food.

    I can normally eat 2-3 times more of a fermented food before showing a reaction then most store bought products. For instance; with a homemade sourdough I can eat 1-2 very large hamburger buns a day with no reaction at all, but if I was to eat one store bought hamburger bun for a week I would probably react. The same is true with brown sugar “kefir water food” vs heavily processed cane sugar or corn syrup “which kills kefir”. It can take awhile “few months+” to build up these colonies in the gut and they won’t cure you outright, but they will help you handle some foods a little easier. Also they are temporary guests so if you stop eating them or feeding them they will diminish in your system.

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