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    hi guys,

    i am not yet at the ‘foods to reintroduce’ stage. Am I allowed to use buttermilk to make bread? Google gives conflicting results. Some say yes you can have it on a candida diet because it has benificial acids and is curdled milk. Others list it on the no-no list. I am quite desperate to find a fluffy bread substitue and believe the quinoa flour and buttermilk will work well. The coconut bread recipe on this site turned out really bad for me- the coconut flour just doesn’t happen to cook very well and it came out like sand.


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    No, its dairy. I have a good bread recipe if interested:

    I use full amount brown rice flour, 1 cup teff (instead of half cup), coconut sugar instead of brown sugar (its spread throughout the whole loaf and feeds the yeast in the bread so there isn’t high amount in bread), extra coconut flour as needed (makes it more pound cake like, don’t use more than half a cup total, slowly add in some to thicken it) and I use arrowroot starch instead of corn starch.  I can get all of these ingredients at bob’s red mill up the street from where I live in bulk.


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