Bummin' :(

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    The sauna is great for die off but you have to be careful. I always felt extremely worse afterwards then I discovered not only that it completely dehydrated me but that I was also losing alot of minerals and electrolytes.

    Just make sure you drink a ton of water and I suggest taking alot of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, etc afterwards.


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    Hey Alex, I agree with Jersei. And it is possible that the day before going into work might not be the best day to have a sauna and a ton of coconut butter. 😀 Just teasing. I remember when I first made the coconut oat bran bread, oh lord, the gas… And I was at the co-op…Lol! I kept thinking, “somebody is going to say, what is that smell? And I am going to die” Bahahaha!!!

    I want a pair a platform sandals. 🙂


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    I hear ya Alex this happens 2 me quite often and is embarrassing ! I’ve noticed at work since starting all this I have made a ton of mistakes and I’m just to weak to do my job.

    While I’ve told my coworkers I have health problems they do not understand & also I really don’t pull my wt anymore eitheir I do the absolute minimum at work now and try not to feel guilty about it. I just keep hoping for that day when ill have the energy to whisk thru the night like I used 2 .

    Yesterday was an aweful work might for me a pateint fell out of bed literally 20 mins after I’d checkd on her and smashed her face in.

    I have not seem that much blood in a long time & didn’t know what 2 do when I found her so I yells fuk!!! Over & over and got a few nurses in fast
    we didn’t know where the blood was coming from she was drenched and it wouldn’t stop. I have the dirty job of cleaning it with help ofcourse but just keeps coming it was crazy and I felt stupid as I had no idea what to do.

    Eventually we found out she fracture her skull and face is completely bashed in to. I don’t know how that happened and feel horrible!

    My hubby teases me cuz I never remember anything to sux I have a feeling brain fog takes a long time to get over. Hope u feel better


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    Oh shit, Hope!!! That’s terrible 🙁 I’m glad she’s okay, despite the broken face. I don’t know how you can do your job at all with this, so good job for even showing up and doing what you can each day. I’m so lucky I got hooked up with this work from home gig. My brain fog is WAY better than it used to be now that I’ve been on the strict diet for so long, but I still get bad days.

    Kag – That’s hilarious! Yeah, I had some um…*interesting* smelling things come out of me today…haha.

    Jeresei – Yeah, definitely feeling better today after hydrating a lot.

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