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    Hi all,

    New to the forums. Hoping for a little advice. I have been on the diet for about 6 weeks. I have been reading various opinions on brown rice. I recently started making a kind of egg, brown rice and veggie mixture for breakfast. A friend told me the brown rice is just as bad as white rice for the diet. True?

    I have also been wanting to try keifer. Is it ok to have at this point?

    Ok….. threelac. There seem to be more good reviews then bad, but the bad ones are REALLY bad! Can any of you give me the real deal, life tested story on this stuff?



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    Greetings, Jim.

    Welcome to the forum. You’re here to learn and to ask questions, so take full advantage of that. There are many on the forum who want nothing more than to help others overcome this dreadful disease.

    I cured my case of Candida without either ThreeLack or FiveLack, but I suggest that you do more research, and decide for yourself.

    There’s a lot of controverse about brown rice, as for myself, I took the ‘no’ road. I’m still on the diet, you might say in-between phase 1 and 2, and I don’t plan on adding brown rice or any type of rice to my diet again. But that’s just me.

    I’ve eaten Organic Plain Greek Yogurt all through my recovery, and I’ve finally gotten around to making some kefir. Kefir is highly reccommended for the purpose of feeding the flora (good bacteria) in your system. This is extremely important, as you want to build that community in order to protect your body from another overgrowth of Candida in addition to helping to rid yourself of the present overgrowth.

    You see, your body has and will always have Candida inside it, Candida is a natural part of a healthy body. But when it reaches the point of overgrowth and changes its form from yeast to fungal, it’s simply no longer a healthy addition to our body.

    The immune system normally keeps Candida in check and protects from the Candida overgrowth, and the part of the immune system that does this is the body’s beneficial flora (Good Bacteria). The flora will generate beneficial acids that suppress the growth of Candida and keep it from going into a dangerous fungal form.

    As I stated, certain items will feed the good bacteria in your body and keep them thrieving, when a food is able to do this, it’s called a ‘preboitic’ as opposed to a probiotic. Foods items containing prebiotics are onions, sauerkraut, garlic, leeks, asparagus, artichokes, avacodos, as well as other high fiber, green vegetables.
    Herbs with this ability are Hawthorn berry, burdock, Dandelion Root and the Rosemary herb.

    If you had to come up with your biggest problem right now in connection with the Candida, what would that be?

    Good luck, Able

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