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    Hi, I need some advice on this please .. I’m booked in to get breast implants on Wednesday the 2nd. I’ve had Candida issues for years, it’s been really bad and then other times not so bad, I haven’t successfully got rid of it yet.

    I’m really worried that the implants will get infected and I’d have to get them out, the place I’m going is really good and I’ll ask the surgeon about it at my consultation tomorrow but yeah just want some opinions.

    I have to be on antibiotics after surgery, but I was thinking once that’s done and I go back on the diet and take supplements and really try to rid the Candida for good, I’m hoping the implants won’t be a problem. It says that their preferred implants are Allergan’s Natrelle range in silicone cohesive gel. Any replies are appreciated, thanks.


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    While you are on antibiotics it would perhaps be good to reduce your sugar intake, take antifungals and probiotics. Make sure you tell your doctor you had candida problems in the past and don’t let him brush it off.

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