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    Hi guys,

    I have a cool work-around to get that crunchy schnitzel taste without the carbs. You will need two plates and a bowl.
    Get your thin, schnitzel meat-of-choice and flip it a few times in a plate of buckwheat flour to get a light coating. Then, dip into a bowl which has a lightly whisked egg, until coated all over. Next, transfer to the final plate and coat in almond flour. This is the crumb bit so be generous!

    I use roasted almond meal to get a more golden, crunchy result by the Lucky Nuts brand.

    The buckwheat was like a fine white flour; perfect for coating. the coarse ones like bob’s red mill are no good here.

    I normally ask for uncrumbed chicken schnitzel from my local butcher to use in this recipe. Last night i treated myself to some red meat and used lamb schnitzels (which turned out glorious).

    I normally serve this with cauliflower mash and some roast swede.

    Best of luck guys! Let me know how it goes.

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