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    I first started having bad brain fog about six months ago and have had a meandering path to believing that I have leaky gut and related candida overgrowth issue (my naturopath has confirmed leaky gut, waiting on stool test results as far as candida confirmation, but it certainly fits the bill). I have been on strict diet for about two months and symptoms have been generally improving (but sort of in rollercoaster fashion), and finally these past couple weeks I have been having substantial daily Bowel Movements (after periods where I would have 2-3 per week and low quality) of gradually improving quality (a couple coveted 3-4s on the scale), and seemingly ever since I have been having decent BMs my brain fog has worsened considerably. It had previously been to a point where I would feel pretty great but as the workweek wore on I would feel exhausted by about Thursday afternoon and have to rest all weekend and start over. Now I have the fog every day. Is there any relationship to the bowel movements? It sounds like I should back off antifungals and I’m going to start milk thistle and steam room in the mornings. Also, I felt good for a period when I was exercising in the AM but on the strict diet I was struggling to get enough calories and my doc thinks that probably contributed to my now-slightly-low thyroid, so I have backed off the workouts.

    That got long – but can anyone make any sense of this, or have any advice until this test comes back? Stool test takes like 6 weeks in total (with going off probiotics 2 weeks, sending it, waiting…) I thought I was so close…


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    What are you eating and drinking? If you’re consuming animal protein, you might try limiting it to no more than two ounces a day, in divided portions. Too much of it can create candida-friendly ammonia in the gut. I’ve read it and I’ve lived it.

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