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    Hi everyone. I have had Candida for over 2 years now, of which the majority of this duration I spent suffering without any ideas of what was wrong with me, only to find out 2 months ago after countless visits to doctors various hospitals that I was suffering from Candida, Leaky Gut Syndrome and IBS. What a relief I must say to find that I wasn’t going insane and that I hadn’t developed some sort of chronic mental health problem, just a very debilitating condition as a result of developing all these conditions.

    Im curious to know who here on this forum also experiences brain fog as a symptom of Candida and what their experiences of it has been?

    My experience

    I remember from about the age of 15 experiencing very poor memory recall and comprehension problems, such as the inability to be able to answer a question properly or read a bit of text and be able to full comprehend in my mind what I had just read. These traits naturally caused me to have serious trouble learning at school and achieving what I believed I was able to achieve despite being a fairly intelligent student. From this I thought I had dyslexia – I had a series of tests which came back negative, which led to a few raised eyebrows. I remember trying my utmost to listen and learn in classes but to no avail my great efforts did not develop into good work or results, which naturally I found extremely frustrating and gave my confidence a big knock on the work front.

    When I left school I found that I was starting to encounter a series of problems which didn’t add up. I started to develop huge amounts of anxiety when being in social situations with my CLOSE friends whenever I would see them, which obviously started to worry me. My memory recall had become SO severe that my ability to generally think and remember what I had been up to completely diminished and whenever I would try to recall something to a friend of what I had been up to I just sat there in silence going etc. Whenever I was thinking my mind felt like it was like walking through marshland, which naturally made me think I had developed social anxiety or a mental health problem out of nowhere. Not being able to use your mind is hugely distressing as Im sure you all know!

    So, brain fog started by affecting my work and now had decided to divulge into my social life and then as time went on, every aspect of my life, which led me onto becoming very introspective and therefore depressed as a result. I have always been a popular easy going person, and never took myself too seriously. I would like to see myself as a warm, caring and funny guy who before all this was seen as an extremely confident person who basically loved living life. What I have learnt is that brain fog doesn’t just affect your intelligence but also your emotional intelligence, such as being able to control your emotions, have perspective and to be able to reason well in situations, which made it very difficult managing my emotions and so therefore led to behavioural problems. The wealth of knowledge I had gathered over time wasn’t able to be applied in moments of doubt and stress which prevented me from being able to reassure myself that everything was going to be ok in certain situations.

    Hope you enjoyed the read and can share your stories.

    Best Wishes,

    I still have this brain fog but I’m positive that It will get better soon. After all I have learned patience is a virtue.


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    i have literally just read everyone of my symptoms. apart from chronic fatigue

    have you started the diet? if so how are you doing?

    mine started around 17 and sounds exactly like what you have experienced

    i plan to beat this fucker after christmas!

    hope all is well


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    Brain fog is probably the most prevalent symptom of both a Candida infestation and the die-off effect from the two Candida toxins, aldehyde and ammonia. The brain fog usually remains a constant problem until one learns how to control it by using a product called Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate which helps to remove the toxins. Three times a day take a 250 mcg tablet to control the brain fog.

    You can also use a supplement called Candidate by Native Remedies. The toxins are particularly dangerous to the liver, so the herb, milk thistle, will help to protect the liver from the toxins. Also you should drink lots and lots of water and take saunas to help remove the toxins from the body.



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    There can be several reasons for symptoms like brain fog, lethargy etc when you have candida problems.

    The primary cause for the above problems are the alcoholic and aldehyde toxins released by the candida fungus in your body as waste into the blood. This adversely affects the brain and also affects energy and sleep. You can take larger dose Molybdenum or Sodium Molybdate to cure these debilitating symptoms. Molybdenum is also a candida killer that has been used for years to prevent yeast and fungal infestations during storage of grains in agriculture.

    Molybdenum is also the central metallic atom that is needed to form an essential human enzyme called aldehyde dehydrogenase in the body whose main function is to remove all aldehyde, alcohol and other toxic hydrocarbons from the body.

    See this piece of research on candida and aldehyde toxins:
    The Candida/Aldehyde Detox Pathway

    Therefore taking 10 mgs to 25 mgs Molybdenum for two weeks only should be enough to increase the aldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme in your body which will both help to kill off the candida and prevent the debilitating symptoms. The only problem with this, as I have found, is that it is very difficult to buy Molybdenum or Sodium Molybdate in amounts greater than 900 mcgs(the maximum allowed RDA dosage).

    Another reason for your brain fog etc, could also be due to low thyroid caused by lack of iodine in the diet. This was the case when I had candida. When I had systemic candida I cured this problem by taking larger dose Lugol’s Iodine on a daily basis(Iodine is also a rapid candida killer). The thyroid gland is the governor of all the hormones, whose action essentially controls the metabolic rate of all processes in the body. And so if you have both candida and a lack of iodine in the diet — you metabolic processes will be inefficient and this can also help to cause brain fog, lethargy, insomnia, lack of energy etc.

    For more info and insight with reasons and research, on how to cure candida with a full protocol — see this link


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    Yes I too had the brain fog issues, it wasn’t until I had done the die off and had the candida out of my system that I realized how foggy I had been for years. With a clear system I could concentrate better, have desire to learn, and am much calmer emotionally and in how I make decisions. If I have been bad then clear it out again, I get a killer headache when it dies off clearing out of my brain. Which in itself is kind of creepy knowing that it infests the brain. Also right before it starts to die off I notice I tend to get a bit emotional and paranoid, then the headache comes the next day. Therefore I know what is causing it and basically just know to stay away from people and hang out in front of tv for the night, for it will pass. Defintiely not a good time to have serious discussions.


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    Wow! For the most part I felt like I read my own story. Thank you 1533jd! Thank you this forum! For giving me hope and feeling that I’m not the only one!

    For me it also started at the age of 15, at that time I had a surgery due to an injured arm (I think that itself explains a lot).

    Now if I really diagnose myself fully, those moments when I was saying to my friends:
    Something’s wrong with me, I cannot mentally and visually focus on things as clearly as when I was younger, I feel “less awake than before”, kind of like halfway asleep all the time
    would finally make sense 🙂

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