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    Hey, So I’m currently on 40 billion cfu’s of megafood probiotics, 2 tsp of coconut and two sf722 capsules a day with proper diet, prebiotic foods and miracle fiber with all the right supplements and I’m somewhat stable, but I’ve noticed my brain fog has gotten really bad lately. The physical aspect of die-off has always been the worst for me, but now it seems to be the opposite. I was wondering if anybody knows a good way to get some clarity back and continue to push forward. Thanks.



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    For me the brain fog lifted after 2-3 months on the diet and continuously improved throughout my treatment. I still have a tiny bit of brain fog after 1 year on the diet.

    I recently started to take this supplement called PS-100 (phosphatidylserine) and it boost brain activity. It aids in memory, sleep, and a whole host of other things. It replenishes/heals your inner neuro membrane and has no side effects.

    I have used both the integrative thereaputics and pure encapsulations brands. Take 1 capsule before bed.


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