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    Hello all,

    I’ve experienced ‘Brain Fog’ for around 2 weeks now. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have candida overgrowth in my gut. This is because I took two courses of antibiotics a month ago, which caused constipation, followed by a week with a lot of fast food and alcohol.

    The only symptoms I am experiencing are brain fog, slight head ache, slight constipation, general malaise.

    I’ve been on the diet for two days now and my Molybdenum is in the post.

    I’m also an sprint athlete and studying for a masters degree. I have my University championships in the Olympic stadium in 10 days, and I feel it’ll be impossible to stict strictly to the diet while I’m there.

    I’m going to try and log my journey to get rid of this and would much appreciate your support and advice. I’ve been healthy all my life, and this has come at a really bad time.



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    So after reading some more posts I think I need some advice on how drastically to do this. As I have to train and compete in track, and work on my masters dissertation, which will be difficult while feeling severe ‘die-off’.

    Can anyone comment on how severe it sounds like my overgrowth is? As my symptoms haven’t been very severe.

    Today is my second day on the wagon, and I do feel a little worse, but essentially I can function, and train at a high intensity. But feeling spaced-out.

    Edit = Just ate some Quinoa, with whey protein and stevia… feel a whole lot better. Maybe some of my symptoms are just a lack of carbs? Only had veg and fish all day.


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    I would advice to postpone any diet or treatment until after your championship thing.

    To answer your question: The whey protein is lactose and feeds your candida. This gives an energy boost. Anything that feeds candida in the very early stage will give you an energy boost.

    Switching to too strict a diet will mess you up I fear. Candida comes from internal weakness, in your case, it seems, the antibiotics. Your condition presumably being not so bad, I would advice to keep busy with being an athlete, while concentrating on that internal weakness. You need to focus on rebuilding your gut flora and with that inner strenght. So instead of starving yourself and nuking your body with antifungals, concentrate on the cause and work towards health with probiotics, exercise, and good food.

    Also, I have to ask: do you suffer from stress or anxiety of any kind?

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