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    So, I tried Nystatin hoping it would be an anti-fungal I could use for a long period of time. The only form we have here in NL is the syrup…the really sweet syrup. I tried it, hoping it would work out. I stuck to the diet but you can guess what happened. I can always measure the degree of Candida infestation by my toes: when the Candida takes over my toes develop what I once thought was callouss. I now know it is Candida. So, my toes got white, my nails got a bit crumbly and chalky and an ingrown nail began to redevelop. This was my cue to stop the syrup. Total bummer in every way.

    I’ve since stopped the syrup and resumed what worked for meL coconut oil and oil of oregano. After reading a lot about S Boulardii, I finally ordered a bottle from The States that is due to arrive any day.

    As I understand it, I need to stop with the oil of oregano and all other anti-fungals. The thing is, I really like all of the other benefits of coconut oil. Do I really have to stop it?

    Thanks and hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

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