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    I mentioned earlier that my gem of an OB has been trying to learn more about candidiasis 🙂 It’s only been 2 days, so clearly he’s not going to be an overnight expert on the subject, but he said one of the sources he was talking with (I’m going to guess a nurse midwife, but I don’t know) mentioned that blueberries had some property – something to do with their antioxidants, maybe? – that was really beneficial in fighting candida.

    Do any of you have more information on this?

    I thought it was so sweet of him to take the trouble to learn more, the least I can do is follow the one lead he could give me 🙂 Thanks!


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    Hello, Hope.

    Interesting that your doctor is actually researching and asking questions about Candida. I’m sure this is extremely rare, so you’re very fortunate to have him it seems.

    I don’t know a lot about blueberries being used extensively in the treatment/cure of Candida, but I know that blueberries, having an anti-microbial effect, can inhibit and even kill certain microorganisms, one of those of course being fungi.

    I’ve also read about them being on the “Energetic Foods” list, which simply means that they have positive energetic effects on the body. People who eat large amounts of blueberries (pure blueberry jam, etc.) have even had the experience of ear wax actually coming out of the ears on its own (a little weird). Another positive is that urination is much more pronounced or forceful for some people. Of course all that this says is that blueberries can detox the kidneys, which is a good thing no doubt, especially with Candida.

    About their antioxidant effect, tests done on fruits to rate their antioxidant strength always seem to place blueberries at the top of the lists as far as their ability to destroy free radicals in the human body.

    Hope you’ve had a good day.


    Topics: 22
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    Thanks, Able! 🙂 Maybe since they’re a low sugar fruit, I’ll make them one of the first foods I reintroduce – when I get to that point 🙂

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