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    Hey guys,

    So glad I found this forum. Anyways, I’ve had undiagnosed candida for years and finally realized what it was when I went to a Naturopath around 2 years ago. Since I first saw her, I started the diet and everything was going great and I was getting better within a month. Then I fell off and had a really hard time accepting candida and starting the cleanse again.

    Fast forward to now, I’ve started eating better again – but in the years that I fell off the diet I began to notice I would get bloated – after every meal. To test myself I would wake up in the morning and simply have vegetables and I would still get bloated. The next day I would try just drinking lemon water and still get bloated. I’m very frustrated because even eating the simplest of foods causes my lower abdominin to bloat. Can this just be a reaction of having candida in my system? Or is it because I’m allergic to what I’m eating? I highly disagree it can be the latter only because I test myself in the morning with anything and my stomach still puffs up.

    Any comments, suggestions or advice?

    Did you have bloating while on the cleanse and did it go away?


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    Bloating is related to more than just yeast, its also related to inflammation of the gut, deficiencies in stomach acid, and liver health.  The only thing that made it go away for me was  s. boulardii which is a yeast that consumes candida, and it improves stomach, and it is anti-inflammatory.



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    Raster, can you recommended a supplement that contains s. boulardii?

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