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    Id been on the diet for a little over a week when I got a bad headache on Friday night, then Saturday woke up with a bad sinus headache and stomach ache/cramps. Felt horrible all day…couldn’t do much. I cheated a little on the diet bc I couldn’t stomach veggies or meat, but I did still watch my sugar & carb intake. Anyway, I felt better yesterday but still had some stomach cramps. Today I did a sinus rinse and a lot of black mucus came out… I mean a lot. I read online that black mucus can be an indication of fungal infections in the sinuses. So, my first question: Is this die off? It seems like it is. Second question: Has anyone else experienced black mucus?? And is there something I can add to my sinus rinse to help kill the fungus… like tea tree oil? Is that safe? If so how much should I use? Or will that just make my die off symptoms worse? As far as my stomach goes it feels like its in knots & very crampy… some sharper pains in there too… and some gas….up through my chest too… was feeling the need to burp a lot yesterday. what can I do to ease this with out compromising the diet? Or do I just have to bear it and hope it doesn’t last long? How long does the die off last for most people? Ok, enough questions for now…lol. Thanks in advance.

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