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    As I’m sure many of you here have tried everything, I have tried everything. My candida really started after 7 rounds of antibiotics last year due to reoccurring UTIs and I have since gotten my UTIs under control with d-mannose (an absolute blessing) but I am left with chronic yeast infections. I’ve tried AVCx3 a day, works but then the infection returns. Douching with hydrogen peroxide works but then I get another infection. Boric acid works, but then the infection returns (also feel uncomfortable using this method as it is literally roach killer?). Tried Monostat but then the infection returns. Have tried garlic up there but didn’t really do anything except make me smell. Tried diatomaceous earth but I feel like it just dehydrates me. Obviously tried the allopathic route with Diflucan and Nystatin, used to work but doesn’t do a thing anymore. I’m on a strict no gluten, low sugar, low carb, high vegetable diet. I take b complex and zinc, (raw garden), vitamin D supplement (nordic naturals), and probiotics with kefir everyday.

    The only two routes I have not tried are turpentine and biofilm busters. I clearly have a biofilm, but reading about which ones to take is extremely overwhelming. I can’t afford to work with a natural care physician as it’s not covered under my insurance. It looks like the common ones to start are serrapeptase, lumbrokinase, and nattokinase. Has anyone had luck with these? I also tried Interface Plus a couple months back but it made my hair fall out and I got scared ever since.
    Also, has anyone had luck with turpentine? I’m obviously scared but have heard nothing but wonderful things. Dr. Daniels’s recommendation before starting is 3 bowel movements a day, which if you have a candida overgrowth sounds impossible. Any luck with these two routes? Or anything new to recommend?

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